Community Gathers for Hospice Service of Remembrance and Memorial Butterfly Release

Pictured above is the Walter family, one of the families that received support from Hospice of Chautauqua County.

On June 3, 2012, Hospice of Chautauqua County held a Service of Remembrance and Memorial Butterfly Release at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at 1 p.m. This special celebration was highly anticipated as Hospice has not held an event like this since 2008. This very special event was a unique opportunity to remember and honor loved ones by dedicating a butterfly in their memory. Guests shared memories and enjoyed music performed by Amanda Barton of Big Leg Emma and Bill Ward. The highlight of the celebration was the mass release of two hundred and fifty Painted Lady Butterflies which welcomed the crowd with their beauty as they mingled above them and the flowering plants. This service drew in quite the crowd; as over 120 people attended!  Hospice of Chautauqua was ecstatic and very grateful for those who attended this very special event. The program was an uplifting and joyful experience while remembering loved ones lost. The release of hundreds of butterflies was a special way to say ‘thank you” for how all of their lives had been brightened and touched by those loved ones who have passed.

All community members were welcomed to dedicate a butterfly. No prior affiliation with Hospice was needed. Their dedication included the very special release of a butterfly and the names of those being honored.

Megan D’Angelo, Director of Community Relations was personally touched by the butterfly release celebration. Aside from being a director for the non for profit charity, she is a person herself who has lost loved ones; and was powerfully moved by the occasion. “When we lose someone we have loved, we are always looking for a way to remember them. Releasing the butterflies is a very heartwarming and special way. When a butterfly lands on you, I truly believe that it is a great way to feel their love and presence, not just on this very special day, but every day.”

The donation for the butterflies was $20.00 for one name to be remembered. The donation reserved a butterfly in honor of their loved on. Those who were unable to attend the Service of Remembrance and Memorial Day Release may still make a donation in the name of a family member by going to their website at:

Proceeds from this event will continue the important work and special accommodations of Hospice of Chautauqua County to provide quality end of life care for the terminally ill and grief support for their families.  The community greatly benefits from such services as Hospice continually offers family support to terminally ill patients and their families providing care, hope and dignity.

If you would like additional information about Hospice of Chautauqua County and those many services that they provide or would like to know more about upcoming event, please contact Hospice at 753-5383.