City Reinforces Towing and Booting Program for Outstanding Parking Tickets


Article Contributed by
City of Jamestown Treasurer’s Office

The City of Jamestown Treasurer’s Office reminds motorists that police officers and parking enforcement officers will continue, as stipulated in the City Code, the towing and booting of vehicles maintaining more than $100 in unpaid parking tickets.

Following the conclusion of the Ticket Amnesty Program earlier this year, all fines and fees were reapplied to the base amount of a vehicle owner’s outstanding tickets. The city has resumed its normal collection efforts, which includes, but is not limited to, submitting motorists’ names to collection agencies, reporting violators to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and continuing the vehicle towing and booting program. The following section of the Jamestown City Code describes the parameters of towing and booting:

§ 290-27. Removal and storage of vehicles.
(8) 8-When it is determined by the Director of Financial Services/City Clerk, any police officer or parking enforcement officer that any vehicle has $100 or more of delinquent parking tickets that have been issued to the vehicle for violation of the parking regulations of the City of Jamestown and that such tickets have not been paid, satisfied or disposed of, the vehicle shall be removed to a place of safety within the City of Jamestown either by towing or otherwise be removed or conveyed to and impounded in any place designated by the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety, or immobilized in such a manner as to prevent its operation, except that no such vehicle shall be immobilized by any means other than by use of a device or other mechanism which will cause no damage to such vehicle unless it is moved while such device or mechanism is in place. When towed, the vehicle so removed shall be retained under the custody of the City of Jamestown Police Department or its designated representative until such time that said parking violations have been paid, satisfied or disposed of. Once taken into custody, the last registered owner of said vehicle shall be liable.

Director of Financial Services/City Clerk James Olson noted, “There are approximately 7,000 outstanding parking tickets that total more than $400,000. The face value of those tickets is $137,460 with another $264,015 in penalties and fees. That is a total of $401,475 for which taxpayers of the City of Jamestown responsible and must foot the bill.”

Having outstanding parking tickets may lead to 1) inability of the owner to register a vehicle with the DMV, 2) negative impacts on credit ratings, 3) time consuming and costly court appearances, 4) embarrassing and expensive process of having vehicles towed and booted, which leads to more fines and penalties. Additionally, the names of individuals who did not take advantage of the Amnesty Program earlier this year, and did not pay their outstanding parking tickets since the program concluded, will continue to be published on the city’s website.

To pay tickets, please visit or mail payments to the City Treasurer’s Office, Municipal Building, 200 East Third Street, Jamestown, NY 14701. Or, visit the city website at to pay online. For more information, call the Treasurer’s Office at 483-7512 or email