City of Jamestown and Jamestown Public Schools to Shut Down all Playgrounds and Basketball Courts


At last night’s City Council Voting Session, Mayor Sundquist notified the Council that the City of Jamestown would be shutting down all playgrounds and basketball courts to reduce risk factors for spreading COVID-19. Signage will be placed on playgrounds and courts, urging Jamestown residents not to use them. Mayor Sundquist, in a statement, stated that, “For the safety of our residents, it is necessary to close down our playgrounds and basketball courts. As we’ve seen the weather get nicer, we’ve seen more people use this equipment, which ignores social distancing rules and escalates the risk of the spread of the virus on services where it can linger. I want to emphasize that all of our parks are still open and we encourage residents to enjoy the 500 acres we have here in the City in a safe, socially distant manner.”

At the urging of Councilwoman Marie Carrubba, Mayor Sundquist discussed closing down Jamestown Public School playgrounds and courts with Superintendent Dr. Apthorpe this morning, who agreed that it was the best course of action. “After a discussion with Mayor Sundquist and in conjunction with the City, we will be closing down all playgrounds and basketball courts on JPS property. This is to maintain healthy and safe environments for our children to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

“We are closing our school playgrounds and courts in collaboration with Mayor Sundquist’s request to help keep our citizens safe,” said Dr. Apthorpe. “Please be aware that our schools are still open for meal pick up and for families and students to call for any help they might need, only our school playgrounds and courts are closed. We are always willing to partner with the City of Jamestown to help keep our families and kids safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19.”