City of Jamestown Christmas Tree 2019

City of Jamestown's 2019 Christmas Tree
City of Jamestown's 2019 Christmas Tree

The City of Jamestown Park, Recreation and Conservation Department harvested the 2019 Christmas Tree on Thursday, November 14th. The tree this year will be a 50-foot tall Colorado Blue Spruce that is being donated by the family of Dr. Kenneth & Miranda Erickson.

The tree was harvested from the front of the former Migliore’s Funeral Home at 415 East Fourth Street. This building now serves as the new home to Dr. Kenneth Erickson’s Chiropractic Office & Health & Wellness Center.

nce the tree is removed by a crew from the City’s Parks, Recreation & Conservation Department, along with the assistance from a crew and crane from the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities, it was loaded onto a truck and trailer that was donated and driven by Lake Shore Paving, then transported to City Hall for display on Tracy Plaza.

The BPU crane raise and held the tree in place while it was secured in preparation for decorating with over 3,000 energy saving LED lights by Parks staff members. The Blue Spruce will tower approximately 50 feet above its base on Tracy Plaza.

The lighting of the Tree will be at the start of the City of Jamestown Holiday Parade on Friday, December 6, at 6:30 p.m.