City Announces 2020 Streets Program


The City of Jamestown has announced its annual Streets Program today, with work starting Wednesday, May 27th. Due to anticipated reduction in New York State aid and budgetary challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Public Works will be moving forward with a reduced streets program. The plan focuses on the greatest areas of need for the City, and works to improve the City’s aging streets. Several projects could be added to the list as the season progresses, depending on greater funding availability, as well as weather. Projects are planned to be completed by the end of the summer-fall season, depending on the weather, the flow of public funding, contractor availability and the changing price of materials.

Jeff Lehman, Director of Public Works stated, “If more funding is available than anticipated, we can scale up and continue to work on further planned CHIPS projects. We wanted to be safe as we don’t know exactly how much funding will be received by the City, so we prioritized the most essential and cost-effective projects.”
Mayor Sundquist in a statement, applauded the work of DPW Engineers, stating, “This has been an unprecedented time for our City and the budget picture is still unknown. I applaud all the work Jeff and his engineers did to prioritize the work in a way that fits into a reduced budget. We think this is the most cost-effective way forward. While we do not know exactly how much funding we will receive, I can’t say enough about how flexible our team has been.”

Public Works Chairperson Tom Nelson also stated, “I am encouraged by the work the DPW has done to get our streets program up and running in this difficult time. The work they’ve put into a time of so much uncertainty is notable. I appreciate the chance to have input into the process and I feel as if every project that the City is going forward with is a worthy and necessary project.”

A list of 2020 Street Projects is listed below. A detailed map of street projects and expected completion dates can be found on the City’s website at

Miscellaneous Streets Projects – Approximate Start Date: Various
 Federal Place: Stormwater Retention
 Van Buren Street from Prendergast Ave to Lakeview Ave: Brick repairs, sidewalk
and curb replacement
 Steele Street: Culvert relining
 North Main Street between 8th St. and Kingsbury St: Mill and Overlay
Mill and Overlay – Approximate Start Date: July 15th
 North Main Street from 8th St. to Kingsbury St
 River Street
 Prather Ave from Foote to Arterial
 State Street from Hazeltine to Olson
 Delaware Ave from Baker St. to Summit St.
 Logan Ave near Veterans Park
 Arnold Street at Foote Ave
 Sprague Street from Steele St. to beginning of brick
 Willow Street from Buffalo St. to Marlow Rd.
 Carolina Street
 Holbrook
 Sturges Street at Buffalo St.
 Towner Ave from Lakeview Ave to Arlington Ave
 Pleasantview Drive from Buffalo St. to Towner Ave
 Lincoln Street from Falconer St. to 8th St.
Novachip – Approximate Start Date: May 27th
 6th Street from Winsor St. to Prendergast Ave
 Myrtle Street from Locust St. to Newland Ave
 Lake Street
 Shaw Ave from Oak St. to Elm St.
 Ensign Street
 Jeffords Street from 2nd St. to Falconer St.
 Laurie Lane
Slurry Seal– Approximate Start Date: June 22nd
 Church Street from 4th St. to 5th St.
 Lincoln St. from 5th St. to 6th St.
 4th Street from Lafayette St. to Monroe St.
 Linden Ave from Forest Ave to Myrtle St.
 Myrtle Street from Linden Ave to Newland Ave
 Snell Place
 Todd Ave
 Fullerton Ave
 Hallock Street from 3rd St. to Fairmount Ave
 Raymond Street
 Westwood Drive from Olson Ave to Chautauqua Ave
 Norwood Ave
 Indiana Ave
 Norton Ave
 Chapel Street
 Everett Ave from Maple St. to Elm St.
 Allen Street from English St. to Maple St.
 Chandler Street from Allen St. to Barrows St.
 Thayer Street from Crescent St. to 2nd St.
 Bishop Street from Crescent St. to 2nd St.
 English Street from Pardee Ave to King St.
 King Street from English St. to Hebner St.
 8th Street from Main St. to Lakeview Ave
 7th Street from Grant St. to Winsor St.
 Lamont Street from Main St. to Federal Pl.
 Kimberly Drive
 Newland Ave-Linwood Ave-W. Virginia Ave intersection
 Niagara Ave from 2nd St. to Falconer St.
 Margaret Street from Niagara Ave to Gustavus Ave
 Ahrens Ave from Roland Rd. to Hebner St.
 Pullman Street Partial
 Camp Street from Arterial to May Street
 Springdale Ave from Martin Rd. to Elizabeth Ave.
Chip Seal – Approximate Start Date: June 8th
 W 1st Street
 Outlet
 Prospect Street from Newland Ave to Cole Ave
 Lilac Lane
 Jersey Ave
 Ames Ave from Camp St. to Midgley St.
 Elm Street from Everett Ave to Ahrens Ave
 Bemus Street
 Lind Alley from Bemus St. to Tower St.
 Hughes Street from E Virginia Ave to W Virginia Ave
 Elam Ave from Marion St. to Brad St.
 Chapin Street from Willard St. to Scioto St.
 Lindsay Ave from 2nd St. to Dead End
 Tiffany Ave from Allen St. to Buffalo St. (half)
 Seibert Street
 Rich Street
 Liberty Street 6th St. to 8th St.
 Butler Street
 Monroe Street from Isabella Ave to Dead End
 Marvin Parkway
 Hotchkiss Street from Marvin Parkway to 1st driveway