CHRIC Homes for Sale: Own Your Home for Less than You Rent!



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Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corp.

Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corporation (CHRIC) announces affordable homes for sale in the City of Jamestown. CHRIC has acquired properties that were foreclosed, rehabilitated them, and are now ready for sale. Typical rehabilitation includes bringing the properties up to code, addressing lead and asbestos hazards, and other general rehabilitation that lead to practically brand new homes.
“The goal of this acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale program is to encourage homeownership in the City of Jamestown”, stated Joshua Freifeld the Executive Director for CHRIC. “CHRIC is trying to help combat the spread of blight in the city by specifically targeting areas that can positively impact the neighborhood. We feel that our presence in Jamestown will help improve neighborhoods by encouraging home ownership and in turn provide a significant economic boost to the city by getting these homes back on the tax rolls” said Freifeld.
Currently, CHRIC has four properties that have been rehabilitated, 15 Strong Street, 616 East 6th Street, 57 Liberty, and 1115 Prendergast. With prices varying from $26,400 to $57,900, you can own these homes with mortgage payments that are even cheaper than rents!
Plans are underway to rehabilitate additional CHRIC owned properties at 20 Price Street, 19 West 8th, and 116 Lincoln as well so that they can be ready for sale by the end of summer.
All of these properties must be sold to first time homebuyers that are income qualified, based on the size of the family and take part in CHRIC’s homeownership education class. Call CHRIC today at 753-4650 to see if you qualify for this tremendous opportunity to become a homeowner.