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Chautauqua Lake Partnership to Conduct Aquatic Vegetation Survey

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Chautauqua Lake Partnership, Inc.

The Town of Ellery and Village of Bemus Point are seeking an herbicide permit from the NYS Department of Conservation (DEC) to treat a portion of Bemus Bay for control of excessive invasive weed growth to reduce the need for weed harvesting and shoreline accumulations of weeds and sludge.

In support, the Chautauqua Lake Partnership, Inc. (CLP) has contracted with Solitude Lake Management, Inc., a Certified Lake Manager, to conduct an Aquatic Vegetation Survey in the near shore areas of Bemus Bay. Lake bottom weed/sludge thickness is also being measured. The Survey will allow fine-tuning of the herbicide treatment plan and provide detailed baseline data for future use.

The CLP has been an advocate for the restoration and maintenance of Chautauqua Lake since 2001. The merger of the Bemus Bay Property Owners and the CLP is carrying on that legacy and implementing plans to improve Chautauqua Lake. CLP will share its 2017 experiences and results with other lake communities seeking to improve lake conditions.

“Chautauqua lake, A Great Lake Seeking a Greater Future”
For additional information contact Karen Rine, CLP Secretary, at info@chautauqualakepartners.com

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