Chautauqua County Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Funds Available


Article Contributed by
Chautauqua County Department Of Planning And Economic Development

As recommended in the County Comprehensive Plan, the Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Economic Development is announcing the availability of housing and neighborhood revitalization funding to undertake innovative housing-related programs. This flexible and efficient program is intended to increase investment in the county’s housing stock, target investment based on the strategic priorities of each community, and create a partnership with the private sector leading to additional opportunities for revitalization.
The purpose of the program is multi-faceted, and includes creating vibrant communities; enhancing economic development; enhancing the tourism industry; increasing the percentage of owner-occupied homes; creating economic diversity in communities and neighborhoods; creating vibrant downtowns, town and village centers; decreasing urban sprawl; and improving the quality of life in the county.
The program will provide a 25% match in the form of a grant, not to exceed $10,000/project. Applicants must demonstrate that they have a well-conceived plan that supports the purpose and eligibility requirements of the program; that the program is innovative; and that it will have demonstrated tangible results.
A broad range of programs are eligible for funding, including hands-on training and higher education programs that provide instruction in housing rehabilitation and real estate investment that are financially self-sustaining; property management initiatives geared towards identifying and strategically removing existing, derelict properties to right-size the housing stock and improve neighborhood conditions; programs that aim at right-sizing the housing stock and returning high-demand properties to the tax roll; housing development initiatives for retirees that are linked to the “World’s Learning Center” branding initiative; development, promotion and implementation of housing-related urban revitalization initiatives, such as Jamestown’s Urban Design Plan and Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and their associated recommendations; design and energy efficiency education programs, especially as they relate to available financing mechanisms; and code enforcement compliance initiatives aimed at educating Code Enforcement Officers and the Local Judicial System.
The deadline for submission is August 7, 2015. For application guidelines and additional information, please contact Mark Geise at 716-661-8912.