Chautauqua County Gyms & Fitness Centers can Open August 24th


Health Guidelines must be met

PJ Wendel, Chautauqua County Executive, in conjunction with the County’s Public Health department, has issued approval for all gym and fitness facilities in the County to reopen on Monday, August 24th after reviewing guidance from New York State.

Approval to open will be granted under the following conditions:

Fitness centers and gyms must review the NY Forward guidelines and, prior to opening, affirm that their business will follow those regulations.
Owners and operators must submit a request form to the DHHS/Public Health Department for an inspection of their facilities.

Links to the state reopening guidelines and the affirmation form as well as the County inspection request form are available at

County public health staff will schedule inspections as soon as is practical. Fitness facilities that do not comply with state reopening guidelines, either during the County’s initial inspection or on future inspections, will be closed until appropriate guidelines are met.