Chautauqua Avenue Green Street Retrofit Project Status Update

Progress photo of permeable interlocking concrete pavers installed on the east side of Chautauqua Avenue. Beneath these pavers is a continuous tree trench of soil where new street trees (not yet installed) will consume storm water from the roadway and nearby impervious surfaces, naturally managing nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen before they enter Chautauqua Lake. The project will manage approximately 34,000 gallons of storm water for every one inch of precipitation that falls on the area.

Article Contributed by
Chautauqua Lake & Watershed Management Alliance, Inc.

Chautauqua Avenue within the Village of Lakewood is currently undergoing a comprehensive storm water retrofit. The Village, in partnership with the Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance (Alliance) and project engineer Barton & Loguidice, is completing a green infrastructure retrofit of the street and adjacent curb areas between Second Street and Summit Avenue. The project contractor is Kingsview Enterprises. The Village’s Department of Public Works is also assisting with construction.

The purpose of the project is to reduce and treat storm water runoff prior to discharging to Chautauqua Lake. The project incorporates storm water management practices including porous pavements, tree trenches, drainage structures and new street trees that will provide a water quality benefit to the Lake by routing storm water below the surface to slow it, cool it, and biofilter nutrients and other pollutants from it before entering the lake. The project is primarily being funded by a grant through the NY State Environmental Facilities Corporation Green Innovation Grant Program.

The project has experienced delays related to COVID-19 and other factors and is approximately 75% complete. Currently the intersection of Summit Street and Chautauqua Avenue is near completion although some modifications will be necessary to level the surface. The Village understands that construction has impacted the Village residents, business owners, and visitors. The entire project team is focusing on successful completion of the project as quickly as possible and looks forward to delivering an environmentally and aesthetically enhanced Chautauqua Avenue. Construction-related detours will continue over the next month, but residents and visitors are encouraged to continue visiting local businesses in the project area, which will remain open and accessible throughout the project. The Village looks forward to successful completion of the project and the water quality benefits it will provide, along with urging continued support of the local businesses during this construction phase.

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