Chamber Corner: November 8, 2021


Article Contributed by
Daniel J. Heitzenrater
President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce

Plan Your Small Business Saturday Experience Now

Small Business Saturday is more than just another shopping day – it’s a way to improve your own community. As a consumer, each time you buy a sandwich from a local restaurant or a gift from a local merchant, you’re making a difference for people right here in Chautauqua County.

The purchases you make from small, locally owned businesses, get reinvested in our communities. A store owner may use that revenue to pay salaries for employees who, in turn, use it to pay for their children’s dance lessons or buy gifts from another local business. Studies have shown over and over again that local retailers return 52 percent of their revenue back into the local economy, compared with just 14 percent for national chain retailers.

So, we are asking all local consumers to make a plan now to support our small local businesses this coming holiday season. Gather your friends or family and plan a shopping experience for Small Business Saturday, November 27. You don’t even have to start in the pre-dawn hours. You can leisurely begin your shopping experience about 9 or 10am, visiting local shops that sell a wide variety of merchandise including boutique specialty items, locally made artisan products, toys, books, soaps and candles, home décor, and much more. Take your time and look over the selection of products. When you’re shopping for items crafted by local artisans, you’ll see the quality of each item and will recognize the time and care that went into creating each product.

Stop for lunch or a snack in one of the numerous locally owned restaurants that enrich our community and provide more than just a quick burger on the run. You’ll find an array of dining options from comfort food to local specialties in each community throughout Chautauqua County.

We will continue to share the message that shopping locally IS an experience and can be one of the best traditions we share with friends during the busy holiday season. Mark the day on your calendar now: Saturday, November 27. Small Business Saturday is coming. Make your plan now to enjoy holiday shopping again and keep our communities vibrant through support of local businesses.