Chamber Corner – December 13, 2021


Article Contributed by
Daniel J. Heitzenrater
President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Gift Card Gets New Name and New Look

The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing tools that boost local businesses and our local economy. One of those tools is the Chamber’s popular gift card program.

With a crucial focus on promoting small, locally owned businesses, the Chamber of Commerce has rebranded the gift card program to align with our other promotions in the same vein. So, the ShopLocalCHQ Gift Card has a BRAND NEW look, but still spends the same.

Formerly called ‘Shoptauqua,’ the new ShopLocalCHQ Gift Card is still accepted at 140 local merchants throughout Chautauqua County. It can still be used to purchase all kinds of items from local wines to gift items to groceries.

The old ‘Shoptauqua’ gift cards still in circulation remain valid. They do not expire and can still be used, alongside the new ShopLocalCHQ Gift Cards. We remind Chamber member businesses that accept the cards to be sure to let their cashiers know to process both the older and the new cards as a credit card in their point-of-sale system.

Since the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce was founded 21 years ago, it has been running a program such as this aimed at driving direct consumer traffic into local businesses in order to support local merchants and the local economy. Initially it was a gift check program, transitioning to a gift card in 2017. Throughout that time the total economic impact of the program is estimated at $3 million.

Each year the Chamber of Commerce sells hundreds of gift cards to individuals and companies to use as gifts, bonuses, or incentives. ShopLocalCHQ Gift Cards are sold only through the Chamber of Commerce. To make a purchase, please contact the Chamber directly at (717) 366-6200 or (716) 484-1101.

The Chamber can fill gift card orders before Christmas until December 22, but our offices will be closed the 23rd and 24th in observance of the holiday. To learn more about the ShopLocalCHQ Gift card visit