Chamber Corner: 05-04-2020


A Time for Unprecedented Collaboration

Crisis can bring out the best in people. The fight against the coronavirus is bringing out the best in our community and the region. There are signs of it everywhere. We see it in our first responders, our health care providers and other essential workers. We see the best in businesses that refocused production and resources to provide personal protective equipment. We see the best in those who volunteer their time and put their own health at risk to help others.

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi once stated that, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” It has taken a societal effort to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

It will take yet another enormous societal effort to put our economy back into motion. Time is of the essence. As the seconds tick away our economy is bleeding, businesses are sinking, and jobs are being lost. There is no time for political divisiveness. There is no time to feed the thirst for power. There is no time to massage egos. Plain and simple, there is work to be done.

The road ahead is complicated and, in many ways, unprecedented. There are many challenges and there will be risks along the way. Navigating our way safely and with a sense of urgency through the next few weeks and months will require cross sector partnerships among business, education, health care, government, elected leaders and not for profits. Restarting the economy will require unprecedented teamwork and collaboration.

The Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association is building upon our existing partnerships with countless organization’s and leaders across New York State, throughout our region and in our local community as we look toward restarting the economy. These unprecedented times will require extraordinary collaboration and community engagement as we strive towards better days ahead.

Shoptauqua Cash Dash and Shoptauqua Marketing Program

The Chamber of Commerce remains committed to seeking new ways to promote local businesses. Driving customers to local businesses is at the heart of what we do; it is a focus we call Shoptauqua. We have unveiled two new programs under our Shoptauqua brand: the Shoptauqua Cash Dash and the Shoptauqua Marketing Program.

Shoptauqua Cash Dash is currently aimed towards takeout restaurants. Local businesses can choose a time to be “dashed” and we will establish a weekly calendar for each of our communities served by a Community Chamber of Commerce. Then we will promote the calendar online with a focus on driving customers to your door. We strongly recommend advance phone or online orders and curbside pickup whenever possible.

The Shoptauqua Marketing Program is designed to help turn customers into loyal fans. It’s an interactive online system that integrates Messenger and Facebook ads and is designed to grow your customer base, communicate better with customers to build relationship, and track your return on investment. You can learn more about these programs through the chamber’s website at