Chamber Corner


Your Chamber in a Time of Drastic Economic Change

The old adage that the only thing constant is change has never been more true. We are all seeking ways to adapt as we continue to navigate our new environments, whether that means restructuring the way we do business, learning how to work through the intricacies of new business loan programs, or dramatically limiting our social contacts. Flexibility is our new watch word as unforeseen circumstances have driven us to do more online and communicate in new ways.

The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce remains committed to helping in all possible ways. For our business community the challenges are great. Not everyone has the capacity to work from home or to keep their businesses running at this unique moment in time. Whether your business is operating with limited hours, running full tilt, or somewhere in between, we stand ready to help.

Your Chamber has been focused on communication, connection, encouragement and reopening the economy. Much of our work has been dedicated to keeping you informed through regular emails, weekly video/conference calls, and social media. We have tried to be clear and concise, and to keep all our information updated on a regular basis. We have provided resources, links, and referrals to help businesspeople apply for loans and unemployment insurance and to learn about employee leave options. We have launched new initiatives to help promote local businesses that remain open as well as those that are closed and need to maintain relationships with their customers, all in an effort to support our local economy. Re-opening the economy has moved to the forefront as the Chamber and Manufacturers Association are working with a variety of partner organization and leaders across our region to strategize and take action.

The changes we have witnessed in overall public health and the economy have altered our way of life and our way of doing business. As we progress through the pandemic, day to day life, the workplace and running a business will be different than just a few months ago. However, we will adapt and will emerge from this and we will reopen our economy. Rest assured; your Chamber of Commerce will be here to help through all the change yet to come. We will come through this pandemic and we can be a stronger community by working together responsibly and by focusing on what made us great to begin with: our people, our local businesses, and the relationships that connected us to begin with. Stay strong.