Celebrate Women’s History Month by Looking at the Women who are Making History Today


    Every year, March is Women’s History Month, which at this point does not come as much of a surprise to anyone. When most people think about Women’s History Month, they only think about those who have come in the past and have made America and the world the way that it is today for women. That’s not a bad thing, and indeed these women are important to remember and consider during this month, and throughout the year. In fact, even in the Jamestown area, the list of women that have helped to change history is extensive, from the well known names like Lucille Ball, to the lesser known names such as Edith Ainge. These women and all the women that have helped to shape history are important to reflect back on during this time.

    And while looking back is important, what a lot of people don’t think about doing in the months such as Women’s History Month, is looking forward or at current times. While there are plenty of women out there who have helped to create history, there are even more now who are continuing to do that right before our very eyes. So, in order to take a slightly different stance on Women’s History Month, which is important to do during the historic times that we live in, it is important to look at the world around us and the women who are making history as we get to
    The first, and probably most obvious woman making history these days is Kamala Harris. When Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first woman vice-president of the United States, she made history by not just being the first woman vice-president ever, but by also being the first Black and South Asian vice president of the United States. For many women and young children around the world, on Inauguration Day, they got to watch on television as there was finally a person who looked like them in one way or another in the second most important position in the United States. In that moment, there was a hope that was spread across the millions of people who watched. It was a hope that said, someday, maybe sooner than we think, a woman could finally get even to that Presidential role, one that has been historically held by older, white men most of the time. It also led to many young girls and women out there asking a question; if we as a nation can finally get a woman in the White House, then what can I do with my life? The possibilities are endless.

    Another woman making headlines these days is Amanda Gorman, who has now become known as the first US National Youth Poet Laureate and who was the youngest poet ever to read her work at the Inauguration. Indeed, since that day her poem has reached social media fame, especially one quote that many who watched took to heart in one way or another: “The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” Also since Inauguration day, Gorman has read her poems at the Super Bowl, and continues to make history as her name and works continue to gain fame.

    Also at this year’s Super Bowl, was the first woman referee, Sarah Thomas. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also helped with this history by making their assistant coaches, Maral Javadifar and Lori Locust the first women coaches to win a Super Bowl title.

    Recently, the country Estonia has just elected their first female Prime Minister. There are also women out there like Zara Mohammed who has just taken up the role of the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain. And even just last week during the Golden Globes on February 28, Chloé Zhao became the first Asian woman and the second woman overall to win best director for her film Nomadland.

    And it’s not just famous women in politics and entertainment that are making history or that have already made history in 2021. There are plenty of women out there making waves in areas such as industries that have been previously seen as male-dominated industries, like agriculture or medicine. There are women out there that no one knows their name, but are working to make things better for women everywhere. Because, even today in 2021, women still have to fight for the things that they want. This is in areas that cover such things as rights, or issues such as abortion or equal pay, or basically anything out there that women still have to fight for.

    The fight for equality or to simply be seen as equal in anything that they want to do continues for basically all women. That fight might continue for a long time, or it could continue for a short time, we don’t really know. But, all across the world, women continue to make a difference, whether big or small. Or, if they don’t right now, they could in the future. One or more of those women could be reading this article right now.

    So, during Women’s History Month, yes, look back at all of the women that have gotten us to where we are today, whether locally or across the world. But, do more than just that. Take a look at all of the amazing women across the world today that have already made history in the first three months of this year, or those who have made history in the last few years. And then, especially if you are a woman, take a look at yourself. Look at yourself, and then think about everything that you do or want to do, and then ask yourself a question. What can I do that will change history and that will make the lives of the women who come after me better than what women have to face now? It can be something big or something small, but any woman, no matter how old or what they look like or who they are, can change history.

    It can even be you.