Cancer Support Group Welcomes All


Article Contributed by
Joni Blackman

Cancer touches all our lives, directly and/or indirectly. Are you supporting a family member or friend going through Cancer treatment or are you undergoing treatment? Are you a Cancer survivor?

Local breast survivor, Mary Anne Genco, along with a few friends, started the female Shades of Pink Cancer support group in August of 2018. She said, “I had good support from my family and friends during my treatment and I saw all the activities Roswell provided to those undergoing treatment and survivors. I wanted that positive support and inspiration for women in the Jamestown area.” The group meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6 PM at the Northwest Ice Arena. The Northwest Ice Arena graciously donates space for the monthly meeting. The meetings vary in length depending on the activity.

Group member Anne Marie Phillips said, “We try to have as many activities and speakers as we can. We’ve had Reflexology with Kathy Lombardo, massage therapists, yoga and Jeff Barkstrom will be presenting about acupuncture at the upcoming meeting on September 18.”

She added that the group focuses on women’s Cancers. They usually number about ten and enjoy socializing with friends, new and old, that understand the ups and downs of the disease. They share coping strategies and other tips. All are invited to join the group.