Bush Elementary School 4th Graders Learn About the Constitution

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Jamestown Public Schools

Bush Elementary School fourth graders, Maylin Cuifolo and Jhensen Hernandez-Rohena, learned more about the Preamble of the Constitution on Constitution Day in Amy Venzia’s class. Students matched cards with the actual words from the Preamble to cards with more kid-friendly wording based on the illustrations from the book, We The Kids by David Catrow. 

Students discovered that the writers of the Constitution wanted to better their country by creating laws that protected rights, created peace, promoted what was good for everyone and defended the country. The class talked about how these ideas are very similar to the Bush School Pledge: “As a Twister, I am respectful. I am responsible. I am Peaceful” and that the pledge they make as a Bush School family is like having a school “constitution.” Activities like this show children that they can make the world a better place by learning about the past and how it relates to the future.