Brick City Market & Deli

Andrew Anderson stands by the brick oven where they cook the pizzas at the Brick City Market and Deli
Andrew Anderson stands by the brick oven where they cook
the pizzas at the Brick City Market and Deli

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Julia Eppehimer

Andrew and Amanda Anderson have been all over the world. They’ve seen big cities, small towns and third world countries. Through all of their travels, they noticed something about the busy city areas and decided to bring a new business to the downtown Jamestown area. Brick City Market and Deli officially opened on July 1, 2015.
“Every downtown that I’ve been to all around the world has a bunch of places for people to go to mingle. It’s not just a couple restaurants, it’s a lot of restaurants,” Andrew described. He believes that more restaurants downtown will increase the overall energy of the urban area. “The more for people to come to the city, to walk around and do, the better.”
The idea for a market came from the local people. At city council meetings, representatives would share the residents’ desire for a local grocery store, within walking distance downtown. Now that they are home from living overseas, Andrew and Amanda listened.
“All the local residents in the Hotel Jamestown, the Chadakoin Building, the Covenant Manor, and all the local surrounding residencies…we found out pretty much the main thing they were missing here was some type of a grocery market and deli,” Andrew explained. When his good friend, who owns the building on the corner of 4th and Cherry, had a space available right downtown, Andrew knew it was time to move forward.
It’s only been a year since the Andersons moved back to America. For the past seven years they have worked as teachers in Germany and the Dominican Republic. That was after they lived in Florida. That was after Andrew managed Webb’s in Mayville. That was after he went away to school. And after all these years and places, he decided to come back to Jamestown.
“I really have loved the development in downtown Jamestown,” Andrew explained. “Their urban design plan, and what they’re really trying to do down here is awesome.”
So he thought he’d get in on the action. The former teacher tried his hand at the culinary arts, and put together some interesting sandwich combinations. “The mixtures of the sandwiches were either combos that I’d tried myself or thought sounded good together,” he laughed.
His fingerprints can be seen in sandwiches like the Burns & Allen, Andrew’s personal favorite. Slow roasted turkey, buffalo chicken breast, pepperoni, provolone and pepper jack cheese, and a bit of ranch to ease off the spice. “I like spicy stuff,” he admitted.
His favorite pizza is called Blazing Saddles. The name is enough to warn of this particular entrée’s spice, a brick oven pizza loaded with pepperoni, jalapeños, and the “ultimate firehouse cheese blend.” If these fiery concoctions seem too much, there are plenty of other varieties to try, including the build-your-own subs.
The names of the dishes come from famous movies, sitcoms and comedians who have passed away. Andrew researched old comedians and added a few of his personal favorites to the list. “We just decided to join in on the comedy bandwagon down here,” he said. At the top of the list is “The Lucy,” a specialty sandwich that features corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and 1000 Island dressing on ciabatta bread.
“It makes it interesting; nobody does it,” Andrew said. “I mean, there are places in NY City and Los Angeles that have delis with movie names,” he admitted, but a list that includes NY, LA, and Jamestown is pretty impressive. “Big city taste, small town flavor” is their motto.
The name Brick City also pays tribute to Jamestown. It acknowledges the unique brick streets that still line the town, as well as the brick oven in which the pizzas are cooked, and the menagerie of bricks that support the walls of the deli. “It ended up being a little brick city inside of here,” he laughed. “That part worked out later.”
Be it planned or not, the Brick City Market & Deli has a lot to offer Jamestown, as far as groceries, sandwiches and a place to hang out. Brick City Spirits is set to open in the next couple of weeks in the Hotel Jamestown building, an expansion of Andrew’s idea to bring more life to downtown.
“What the downtown needs is more variety of things to go and do,” he asserted. “The more people you bring to the downtown, the livelier it gets…It’s definitely on its way back up.”
To check out the pizza and sandwiches, or to shop for supplies to make your own, browse the variety at Brick City Market & Deli on the corner of 4th and Cherry in downtown Jamestown. Call 716-484-4844, or visit for more information.

The Jamestown Gazette is proud to recognize our dealers, outstanding corporate citizens of our county. This week, the Gazette especially thanks Brick City Market & Deli for the faithfully carrying The Jamestown Gazette, The People’s Paper, for the benefit of their customers, our readers.