Braw Caddie Clan Scholarship

Left to right: Grandparents, Henry and Brenda Malarkey, Ryan with his honorary Braw Caddie Clan member's plaque, and parents, Henry and Kim Malarkey.

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Braw Caddie Clan

Ryan Malarkey, son of Henry and Kim Malarky, Jamestown, New York, received the Stanley A. Weeks Braw Caddie Clan (BCC) Award for Excellence 2021. The atmosphere at Moonbrook Country Club was festive, with one of our better-attended gatherings in recent history. The annual ceremonies provide opportunities to get to know and honor the awardees’ families, hear their stories, and reconnect with fraternity brothers.

This prestigious award, administered by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, honors a Jamestown High School senior with high academic and athletic achievement, leadership, character, and service to school and community. Malarkey, this year’s salutatorian, is a member of the National Honor Society and will major in optical engineering at the University of Rochester.

He received the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Award: Rensselaer Medal, Prendergast Readers Award, Theodore M. Peterson Award in Chemistry, Allen Ayers Award, Ethel Davis Salutatorian Award, and the Superintendent Scholarship. His CRCF scholarships included the Jasmine L. Cantor Foundation, Inc. Fund and the Larry Green Calculus Award.

Ryan participated on the JHS varsity tennis team and received the Leadership Award. Ryan co-founded and served as president of the chess club, treasurer of the Astronomy Club, and member of the Key Club and Raiders Readers Club. He volunteered at the Frewsburg Rest Home and for Honor Society programs.

As president of his class for four years, Malarkey demonstrated leadership. “He welcomes everyone into meetings and programs. He is an excellent role model as he sets a tone encouraging members to hear all voices and consider all views,” said one teacher.

Additional recommendations added insights: “Ryan is extremely well-versed, an excellent studentathlete, and model citizen… He demonstrates extraordinary commitment and drive; this elevates him to the top of his class.” Another teacher added: “Ryan brings out the best in himself and others.” This last accolade reflects Braw Caddie Clan’s raison d’être.

One teacher added this heartfelt comment: “His sense of humor, maturity, intellect, and ability to relate to others in a warm and friendly manner make him the kind of person you want to keep forever. He can change the air in a room by just walking in.”

In Ryan’s salutatorian speech at Chautauqua Institution, he mentioned his teachers, coaches, and family, especially his brother, who encouraged him. “Our future is what we make it, but it starts with being the best we can be and then lifting others to be the best versions of themselves,” Ryan said.

Braw Caddie Clan means clan of fine young men; it’s the equivalent to saying she is a bonnie lass. Here is the chronological list of distinguished recipients: Antonino Mazzurco, Susan Bentley, Vincent Liuzzo, Benjamin Cecchini, Stephen Rabent, Joseph Campion, Nate Larson, Zachary Eklum, Jonathan Healy, Stephen Carlson, Luke Kindberg, Andrew Sisson, Andrew Pumford, Findley Holt, and Andrew Laurin.

Awardees become honorary BCC members. As honorary members, Luke Kindberg (2016) and Andrew Sisson (2017) helped select this year’s awardee.

Scholarship candidates are anonymously selected and have no affiliation with the Braw Caddie Clan. Each year, the selection committee feels inspired by the candidates and the parents, teachers, coaches, and community members who nurture exceptional citizens.

We welcome contributions from Jamestown residents who want to help celebrate and support all-around excellence or give back to recognize Stanley A. Weeks, one of Jamestown’s most distinguished philanthropists who dedicated his life to community service. Donations can be forwarded to the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation’s Stanley A. Weeks Braw Caddie Clan Scholarship Fund. We also invite contributions from Jamestown’s superb scholar-athletes of past eras, who excelled before establishing this award.

Stanley A. Weeks’ offered legacy contributions to Jamestown Community College, the Robert H. Jackson Center, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, Scottish Rite and Masons, the Fenton Historical Society, and many other organizations. He served numerous clubs and held many civic and club offices, including the mayor of Jamestown and president of the Jamestown Bar.

If any Braw Caddie Clan brothers are not on our mailing list and would like to attend future programs and presentations, contact Gary Yager ( Questions or comments can be forwarded to our scholarship selection committee: James Colby (, Randy Anderson (, Tom Neelan (, or Russ Ecklund (