Braw Caddie Clan Requests Community Help Locating Historical Member’s Contact Information for 100th Anniversary Reunion

Braw Caddie Clan Members, January 5, 1982 Front Row, L to R: Dave Cleveland, Bob Tedquist, Chris Forbes. Middle Row: Bob Olson, Will Castle, Jim Gallagher, Jr., Marc Turner, Mark Smith. Back Row: Mark Hendrickson, Glenn Akam, Jr., Bob Stewart, Mike McCullough, Dave Archer, Dan Lausterer.

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Braw Caddie Clan (BCC)

Braw Caddie Clan (BCC) is reaching out to the Jamestown community. A dedicated committee researched and organized a complete chronological database for 628 historical members, dating back to Stanley A. Weeks’ founding in 1930. The committee confirmed over 100 emails. Some members still reside in the Jamestown area; many moved nationwide. With covid waining and the BCC 100th Anniversary on the horizon, members near and far have expressed interest in reconnecting and organizing a reunion. Is this possible? We will survey our membership to gauge interest. We will need volunteers to assist with arrangements.

Please view the above photograph and names. Can anyone identify familiar faces? Do you have their email addresses or phone numbers? Might friends, neighbors or family members share information? Please forward BCC members’ emails to Gary Yager at to help complete our list. We are particularly interested in email addresses for Braw Caddie Clan members graduating from Jamestown High School in the 70s and 80s.

BCC members have connected, like family, for 92 years. Why and how? The BCC founders (18-year-old JHS students at the time) placed three golden stars at the top of the Braw Caddie Clan emblem. According to Scottish tradition, clan patriarchs are responsible for nurturing three generations. Stan met and corresponded with clan members (young and old) and collected newspaper clippings featuring their accomplishments for decades. He served as an Antisubmarine Warfare Officer at the Naval AdvanceBase in the South Pacific. Stan honored and kept track of brothers who lost their lives in WWII and the Korean War. When possible, he forwarded condolences to families. He chaired reunions starting in 1950 and addressed brothers as “all my sons.” BCC’s 70th Anniversary Dinner Reunion was held in 2000 when Stan was 88.

Stan initiated the Stanley A. Weeks Braw Caddie Clan Scholar-Athlete scholarship fund in 2006 to reflect the attributes of an ideal BCC member. The scholarship criteria: a college-bound JHS senior graduating near the top of their class who demonstrates excellence as a student, athlete, club member, leader, and volunteer. The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation administers the fund.

Every year, the BCC scholarship selection committee is impressed by the applicants’ accomplishments and inspired by the families, teachers, and coaches who mold extraordinary young men. This light is refreshing and provides motivation and energy to sustain the BCC vision. “Sometimes, I wonder, did Stan envision this award and ceremony as a means to an end—aiming to keep his sons together, extending the three-star tradition, and inspiring BCC members with a new legacy?” said brother James Colby.

Stan, a true Scotsmen, loved the game of golf, his motherland’s invention. Moonbrook Country Club, of which Stan was a lifelong member and historian, provides the site for the BCC award ceremony. We highlight the scholar-athlete’s excellence, career goals, and college of choice. We also illuminate Stan’s legacy: thinking globally to serve locally and community philanthropy. These stories stimulate lively conversations and add to the fun.

Awardees are designated honorary Braw Caddie Clan members and stay in touch by completing a first-semester report that is forward to the BCC membership. Their duties include serving on future scholarship committees. Jonathan Healy (2014), Stephen Carlson (2015), and Luke Kindberg (2016) will serve on the scholarship selection committee in 2022.

We have emails addresses for most of the sixteen Weeks-BCC scholarship recipients. Several are missing: Antonino Mazzurco, Stephen Rabent, Nate Larson, and Zachery Eklum. If you have email information, please forward it to

Many ask: What sparked the original Braw Caddie Clan vision? While in high school, Stan and Walter Ross discovered that they descended from the same Scottish Highlands clan. They researched their history and ancestry; as they learned of Scotland’s Age of Enlightenment (1700-1800). Interest peaked! History reveals that Scotland’s achievements in the arts, sciences, politics, medicine, engineering, architecture, and philosophy “equaled the whole of Europe’s achievements at the time.”

This history inspired Stan and Walter to establish a new JHS fraternity fostering excellence. BCC members learned Scottish history, followed Robert’s Rules of Order at meetings, and became leaders and role models at JHS and in life. Although Braw Caddie Clan espoused high ideals, they remained “pragmatic and grounded” in their goals: “to draw out the best traits and character from each member… instill self-discipline while appreciating the fullness of life in preparing for life’s struggles, joys, and happiness.”

This Braw Caddie Clan history, story, and legacy are worth forwarding as they foster excellence and encourage universal goals worth living and sharing for generations to come.