“Bowtie Thursdays” with Alliance Advisory Group

"Bowtie Thursday" Robert Johnson, Eric Harvey, Mark Nelson Tom Wade, Kristie Peppy, Spencer Dayton, Andrea Conklin, Andrea Bjork

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Stephanie McCraw

When summer intern, Spencer Dayton, started wearing a bowtie to work on Thursdays, the team at Alliance Advisory Group decided to join in, starting a fun tradition dubbed “bowtie Thursdays.” Spencer’s farewell was celebrated this past Thursday at the Pearl City Hops Tavern on 4th street with lunch and everyone sporting a bowtie in his honor.

It’s the second year Alliance Advisory Group has hosted an intern. Dayton, a finance major who’s headed into his Senior year at Cedarville University, said the workplace had “a great culture” and he learned a lot about financial services. The internship was a final project for a class. He participated in online training, shadowing, wholesale meetings, and training seminars in Buffalo.
Alliance Advisory Group, located at 513 W. Third Street in Jamestown, has been in business for forty-seven years. Financial Advisor Mark Nelson said, “We represent Guardian, and everyone needs a Guardian.” About helping interns with career orientation, he said, “We are committed to the community and families, and want to be able to serve the generations to come.”