Borsari Foods Executive Presented to Rotary

Adolph and Betsy Morando, owners of Borsari Foods.
Adolph and Betsy Morando, owners of Borsari Foods.

The Rotary Club of Jamestown recently welcomed Betsy Morando, President of Borsari Food Company. Morando and her husband Adolph own and manage the herbal salts and Bloody Mary mix company they founded in 2001. The company is located on Institute Street in Jamestown and employs 20 people. Their products are stocked at Whole Foods, Wegman’s and many other national specialty stores throughout the country.

The original company product was a seasoning brought from Emilia, Italy by Adolph’s grandmother. Originally, the business was just a small operation that the Morandos ran from their home, one order at a time. Borsari is Adolph’s mother’s maiden name. The A.A. in the name of the product is for Adolph, Betsy’s husband and Adelasia, his grandmother – thus “A.A.” Borsari.

The original seasoning was primarily for beef tenderloin, so the company has been historically busy during the grilling season. However, the company has become remarkably busy during the holidays as well as people are using the seasoning for cooking and for gifts. It takes three full days to make a batch of seasoning, bringing fresh herbs that have been flash frozen, mainly from California to Jamestown where they are dried and blended here in Jamestown. The product is blended again, dried again and re-blended.

Six of the flavored seasonings, that stack on top of each other.
Six of the flavored seasonings, that stack on top of each other.

The product comes in round jars that can be shaken and they also stack on top of each other for convenience. Originally, the spices were presented in a four-ounce pinch pot with a flat top.

The Morandos first started selling their salts in Chautauqua County at Brigiotta’s, Farm Fresh Foods,
Ecklof Bakery, Gift of Grace, Ryder Cup, Ashville General Store, Litehouse Grocery among a few. They have just made their first shipment to Canada. The Whole Foods Market did a great deal to expand their market with their more than 460 stores nationally.

Borsari is continuing to develop products for Wegman’s The Orange Ginger and Everything Bagel were developed specifically for Wegman’s and Chili Lime is the newest product developed for Wegman’s.

Mrs. Morando is always interested to hear how people are using the products. One person from the audience offered that she uses the coffee spices on beef, pork, and anything with red sauce. Mrs. Morando also likes to use it lightly as a topping on vanilla ice cream.