Boomerang Café

Photo by Katrina Fuller. The inviting Boomerang Cafe of Busti, NY.
Photo by Katrina Fuller.
The inviting Boomerang Cafe of Busti, NY.

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Katrina Fuller

Amid the snow laden countryside, a refuge awaits those who seek relief from the cold. At a popular rural crossroads, the diner welcomes regulars and newcomers alike with the promise of warmth and a good meal. A collection of tables grace the floor, filled with contented customers presiding over hearty feasts. The aroma of homemade cookies and pies wafts through the air, enticing those who enter to sit a spell and enjoy. Rose Swanson labors with love in the kitchen, serving only the best to her beloved patrons. “People can walk right in the kitchen and talk to me…I’m content with that.” She says with a grin. At the Boomerang Café, the food isn’t the only comfort.

Rose and her husband, Rodney Swanson, recently acquired the business but are not unfamiliar with it. “We just took it over on August 1st but I’ve worked here for five years,” she explains. She finds that many of her customers are regulars who have been visiting the restaurant for years. “Some of them come in every day, since we’ve been open.” Despite seeing many familiar faces every day, there are also new visitors as well. “They stop in because they’ve heard about it – but most of them are regulars.”

The Boomerang Café is proud to serve breakfast all day, from toast and eggs, to omelets and more. Lunch is also available from their regular menu, as well as daily specials ranging from meatloaf and mashed potatoes and Sloppy Joes to a grilled turkey, bacon, and Swiss sandwich on sour dough. “I try to have something different every day,” Rose says of the daily features. “We just serve a lot of different things.” The diner is also proud to offer a wide selection of homemade desserts. Fresh baked cookies are regularly available, with varieties including sugar, peanut butter and chocolate chip. Other delights such as carrot cake, chocolate cake and a decadent peanut butter pie are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

“It’s only 23 days until spring!” Rose announces, gearing up for the warmer weather. During the summer, outdoor seating makes dining at the Boomerang a real treat. “Everybody likes to sit out on the deck – we have six tables out.” Complete with an awning, the spacious wrap around deck is the perfect way to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.
The Boomerang Café is located at 897 Southwestern Drive in Jamestown, NY. “All you have to say is: The five corners in Busti,” Rose laughs. They are open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Sunday, keeping their hours consistent throughout the year. For more information, give Rose a call at 716-483-5555 or stop down. “People will walk through the back door and say ‘Hi, Rosie!’” she says. For a welcoming and filling experience, take a drive to the Boomerang – like its name sake, you’ll return.

The Jamestown Gazette is proud to recognize our dealers, outstanding corporate citizens of our county. This week, the Gazette especially thanks Boomerang Café for faithfully carrying The Jamestown Gazette, The People’s Paper, for the benefit and enjoyment of their customers, our readers.