Bemus Point Restaurant Will be Repaired; Its Re-Opening Remains Uncertain

The rear of the restaurant.
The rear of the restaurant.

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Curt W. Olson

Bemus Point blossoms with activity each summer with the various shops, restaurants, and events, including Bemus Bay Pops.

One of the fixtures of fine dining in Bemus Point, and all of Chautauqua County, has been Ye Hare ‘n Hounds Inn (Hare and Hounds Inn) at 64 Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point.

But more than one month ago, May 24, a fire started about 9 p.m. in the restaurant’s kitchen and quickly spread to the second floor. It reportedly led to about 100 firefighters from at least nine different departments to extinguish the blaze.

The fine-dining restaurant will reopen, but it is unknown when that will happen.

The Hare and Hounds website states the following at the top in bold red letters: “June 1, 2017. Hello. We are temporarily closed for dining due to a fire in the kitchen area. We will reopen after repairs are completed. Thank you.”

The Jamestown Gazette attempted to contact Mike and Jen Garrett, who are the current proprietors of the Hare and Hounds Inn. They did not respond to telephone and email messages.

It is unknown how many full-time and part-time employees have been impacted by the fire that occurred just before the start of the restaurant’s busy summer season that coincides with Memorial Day and opening of Chautauqua Institution.

It is hard to say how much the Hare and Hounds fire has impacted summertime activity in the village about 10 miles from Jamestown on the east side of Chautauqua Lake.

In an email response from the village of Bemus Point, it states, “Our summer season is really just beginning and while it is busy we really can’t tell you if there is a difference (caused by no guests at the Hare and Hounds) at this point.”

Attempts to gain feedback from Thom Shagla of the See-Zurh House on Main Street and Dan Dalpra of the Italian Fisherman, also on Lakeside Drive, were not successful.

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