Beautician Intuition: Rethinking My Vanity

Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox
Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox

My vanity. Here it is, three months later and frozen exactly as it was at the time of the COVID-19 shut down. You can almost feel its former life: the clacking of the makeup brushes, the smell of the perfume and powders, the reflection of a painted face smiling in the mirror, smug within the comfort of another ordinary day.

Three months later, I resumed working in my trade as a hairdresser, but the vanity, a favorite area of my home, remains dormant and dusty. Where once there was a lively blizzard of glitter and colorful sand, now lies a cosmetic graveyard. The pallets seem serene and untroubled – still, like little tombstones. RIP Maybelline and Lancome.

You see, makeup and masks don’t mix. So right now, function must rule over fashion. My beachy waves and eye shadow landscapes have been replaced with a neat and tidy ponytail and a thick layer of lip balm.  Hooks on the vanity that once held bracelets and beads now hold a wardrobe of face masks and plain, black rubber hair ties.

To be sure, during this pandemic I’ve found myself spending less time drawing on my eyebrows and more time drawing on my inner strengths to get me through the ever-changing days.





I’m not complaining. I am so very pleased to be back to the business of helping people self-care. But not only has the face in my make-up mirror changed, so have the faces of my clients. And they are talking less about grey hair regrowth and more about community regrowth of courage, confidence, and respect for others.

Maybe they are rethinking their vanity, too.