Beautician Intuition: October’s Embrace

Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox
Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox

October has arrived for her yearly color appointment in Western New York.  The forests are getting a makeover, and trees are letting down their crisp, curly leaves to whisper along the red brick roads of Jamestown.  People are talking about soup and sweaters and asking for pumpkin-spice hair color.  The air is getting colder, and pandemic-inspired face-coverings provide a surprisingly cozy layer of protection from the frosty morning air.

How fortunate we are to be surrounded by the brilliant hillsides of Western New York this time of year.  You can see the fall colors blooming from just about everywhere when you are in the heart of Jamestown.

In grocery store parking lots and on your drive home from work, just look up – and you are bound to see the amazing changes taking place on the horizon, embracing us in an undeniable state of transformation.

In addition to the stunning presentation of fall, October holds another colorful treat in her arms, and that is the ritual of Halloween.  Costume choices can give clues as to what a person’s inner aspirations may be.  I always seemed to gravitate toward female superheroes.  For me, the idea of being disguised was a mysterious thrill, and the possibility of having a superpower was irresistible.

Yes, it felt magical to wear a costume and pretend to be a superhero for a day.  But, my beautician intuition tells me that pretending is not necessary. You see, we encounter human superpowers every day in our coworkers, friends, and families.  And if you sit back and think about it, surely your own unique talents and gifts come to mind. We have been wearing masks for about six months now. And so we are already superhero-ready, and have been for a while!

A part of me secretly enjoys the daily disguise of face-coverings, and it is because anonymity can be empowering. It is fascinating to see what can happen when one feels safe and protected.  Masks might make it difficult to talk, but in some ways, they make it easier to speak your mind.  Even the simple question “How are you?” does not resonate the same way as it did six months ago.  The words are muffled, but the sincerity – the sincerity is palpable.

You see, wearing a mask can be quite revealing.  Take comfort in the added warmth and protection, and have fun with your disguise.  Identify your superpowers, and let October embrace you in transformation.

Tammy Wilcox was born and raised in Jamestown, NY. She has worked in the beauty industry as a hairdresser for over twenty years and has a passion for creative writing.