Beautician Intuition: Life Grows Back

Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox
Contributing Writer: Tammy Wilcox

As I sit here staring at my laptop, I realize I am in the middle of an attack of analysis paralysis.

November is here with its mystery bag of long nights and holiday stress, and with a special twist of pandemic side effects. My column is due, and my cursor is blinking at me like a timer, tapping its foot impatiently, counting down to my deadline. My overactive brain is trapped in an unproductive loop of overthinking that I can’t seem to cut through.

You see, an over-thinker’s brain sometimes feels like an overstuffed blender unable to process anything because there simply isn’t enough room to work. Sitting with one’s indecision can be agony, and I am experiencing it right now as I ponder what to write.

My beautician intuition tells me I am not alone. I help clients cut through indecision on a daily basis in settling on what to do with their hair.

During these consultations, I seem to consistently push three main points.

First, don’t fight what comes natural. I’ve flat-ironed more ringlets than I care to count, and I have the carpal tunnel to prove it. I have seen the freedom clients feel once they’ve crossed over to embracing their natural state.

My current state seems to be stagnancy. Instead of fighting it, I’m diving in and trying it on for size in this moment.

Second, realize that “perfect” doesn’t exist. Perfectionism blocks decision-making. When we set unrealistic standards, when we strive for a perfect outcome, we get in our own way. To move forward, we must risk making an imperfect choice for the sake of getting things done, which brings me to my final point.

And perhaps most important of all, don’t be afraid to take a chance. Risks are part of life and often lead to surprising new adventures. If you take some time to reflect on something good that has happened in your life, surely you can trace it back to a series of small plot twists, some of which may have been sparked by an initial “risky” decision. In some of the more daring haircuts I’ve done for people, it is not uncommon for me to urge them over the edge by reminding them that hair grows back.

And look at that – I guess I can now call November’s column a wrap. Best November wishes to you, and remember: Hair grows back. Life grows back, too.