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Steve Sorensen of Russell, PA is an award-winning outdoor writer whose column, The Everyday Hunter®, offers hunting tips, strategies, and insights on how to think about hunting. His byline has appeared in the nation’s top hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Deer & Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Game News, Fur-Fish-Game, North American Whitetail, Bear Hunting Magazine and more. He contributes regular website content to Legendary Whitetails and Havalon Knives and is a field editor for Deer Hunters Online. Steve is also in demand as an event speaker, presenting programs on do-it-yourself Alaska moose hunting, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and eastern coyotes, with new programs coming. E-mail him at EverydayHunter@gmail.com to invite him to speak at your next sportsmen’s dinner (or to tell him where your best hunting spot is).
No one wants to see whitetail fatalities along the highway, but reducing highway mortality is not deer conservation.

Coronavirus, Cars, and Deer Conservation

Fewer deer are getting hit by cars during the coronavirus quarantine. That’s why several writers have said fewer deer/car impacts are a benefit to...
The Deer Hunter’s Almanac has tons of information about whitetails in North America, on newsstands by the end of the summer.

The Benefits of 30 Million Dead Deer

In the last five years, American hunters have killed almost 30 million whitetail deer. That’s a lot of venison. How do I know this? I’ve...
After being outdoors, be alert to sensations that might be a tick crawling on you.

The Everyday Hunter: It’s Tick Season

We think of ticks being a summer nuisance but ticks are a year ’round pest. Even when the ground is covered with snow, they...
The author shared spring’s stage with this hen he fooled with his turkey call.

The Curtain Hasn’t Fallen

You’d think a month-long season wouldn’t go so fast, but here we are already in the last week of pursuing spring gobblers. If you watch...
This gobbler shouted out his password with nearly every breath.

The Everyday Hunter: The Password is G-O-B-B-L-E

A common debate among hunters is whether deer or turkeys are more fun to hunt. People who prefer hunting deer might say, “Turkeys don’t have...
We have only a short time until the spring season opens. With everything we have to do in spring, we have little time to get ready. Do you need to check out a property? Are your turkey calls ready? Have you patterned your shotgun? What about the gear you’ll be toting in your vest? If I could give you one secret to killing turkeys, that secret is in all four of those things. The secret is confidence. You won’t fill turkey tags if you lack confidence in the property you hunt, in the calls you carry, in the shotgun you shoot, or in the gear you use. Spend the pre-season building confidence. Hunting Properties: It’s time to touch bases with landowners. Has anything changed on the properties you usually hunt? Are the turkeys in their normal routines? Have they adjusted to logging, drilling, or farming activities? Now is the time to find out if active gobblers are courting hens there. Unless you have your own property or exclusive hunting rights, you’re probably going to run into other hunters sometime during the season. They might mess you up and you may need a new place to go. You might even mess them up. (No, it’s not always the other guy.) So check out some new areas and make sure you have confidence in the properties you hunt all season long. Turkey Calls: Get your calls out and try them all. Do they sound is as good as they did last year? Soak your diaphragm calls in clean water for a few minutes before running them. Inspect your box calls for cracks. Maybe you lost the strikers to your slate calls. Try holding your strikers and your boxes in new ways and the new sounds you get might surprise you. Buy a new turkey call or two because you can never have too many calls. Spend a couple of evenings running your calls. The ones that give you the most confidence are the ones that will call turkeys. Pattern Your Shotgun: The shells you used last year might be just fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to shoot a few to make sure your pattern is tight at the greatest distance you are willing to shoot. About 10 years ago I bought a bunch of Remington Nitro number 5 shot. Many hunters criticize these shells, but they’ve never let me down — even when I’ve misjudged the distance. Which reminds me, brush up on judging distance. It’s as important as having a tight pattern because if you misjudge distance, your pattern might be far different from what you expect. You’ll kill more turkeys if you’re confident in the shotgun you shoot and in your ability to judge distance. Vest contents: You don’t need to carry everything the advertisements tell you are must-haves. Empty your vest. Go over everything and ask yourself, “Do I need this?” You don’t need the best flashlight because daylight is coming, but you do need fresh batteries. A little food and drink will sustain you through the morning — I use breakfast bars and apple juice boxes. You’ll need something to fill out a tag. You should have an orange hat to wear when you carry out that gobbler. Be sure to carry a camera and if you use your cell phone, get a compact selfie-stick. For me, pictures are as important as beards and spurs. What you carry in your vest should add to your confidence. If it doesn’t, ditch it. Opening day will come quickly, and you can’t open the season with confidence if you don’t spend the pre-season building confidence. That’s what you should be doing now. It will pay off. When “The Everyday Hunter” isn’t hunting , he’s thinking about hunting talking about hunting, dreaming about hunting, writing about hunting, or wishing he were hunting. If you want to tell Steve exactly where your favorite hunting spot is, contact him through his website, www.EverydayHunter.com. He writes for top outdoor magazines, and won the 2015 and 2018 national “Pinnacle Award” for outdoor writing.

Use the Pre-Season to Build Confidence

We have only a short time until the spring season opens. With everything we have to do in spring, we have little time to...
Volunteers are not participating in Pennsylvania’s trout stocking this year, but trout season will open on schedule in NY and PA. (Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.)

Hunting, Fishing, and COVID-19 Questions

Rumors are flying. People are asking, “How will this new corona virus affect me?” Don’t bother to ask. It has already affected you, even...
Turkey vultures are not one of nature’s prettiest creatures, but they’re well designed for what they do

The Everyday Hunter – Watching for the Wrong Bird

Are you looking for signs of spring? Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast disappoints us repeatedly. Crocus flowers sticking their heads up are a delight to the...
Turkey calls come in an almost infinite number of designs, most of which are pretty simple — simple enough that you can probably create one that will fool a gobbler.

Turkey Calls — To Infinity and Beyond!

“To infinity and beyond” is the classic line from the Toy Story movie. But four years before Buzz came along, Eli Maor (a historian...
“The Poacher,” a 1907 painting by Swiss artist Frédéric Rouge, illustrates the secretive attitude of the poacher. (Public Domain.)

The Everyday Hunter: Poaching and Hunting — Not the Same Thing

“I’m going poaching,” said no hunter, ever. Poachers call their activity hunting, but it’s not hunting. Poaching is a crime, and hunting is not...
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