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Steve Sorensen of Russell, PA is an award-winning outdoor writer whose column, The Everyday Hunter®, offers hunting tips, strategies, and insights on how to think about hunting. His byline has appeared in the nation’s top hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Deer & Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Game News, Fur-Fish-Game, North American Whitetail, Bear Hunting Magazine and more. He contributes regular website content to Legendary Whitetails and Havalon Knives and is a field editor for Deer Hunters Online. Steve is also in demand as an event speaker, presenting programs on do-it-yourself Alaska moose hunting, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and eastern coyotes, with new programs coming. E-mail him at EverydayHunter@gmail.com to invite him to speak at your next sportsmen’s dinner (or to tell him where your best hunting spot is).
Volunteers are not participating in Pennsylvania’s trout stocking this year, but trout season will open on schedule in NY and PA. (Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.)

Hunting, Fishing, and COVID-19 Questions

Rumors are flying. People are asking, “How will this new corona virus affect me?” Don’t bother to ask. It has already affected you, even...
Turkey vultures are not one of nature’s prettiest creatures, but they’re well designed for what they do

The Everyday Hunter – Watching for the Wrong Bird

Are you looking for signs of spring? Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast disappoints us repeatedly. Crocus flowers sticking their heads up are a delight to the...
Turkey calls come in an almost infinite number of designs, most of which are pretty simple — simple enough that you can probably create one that will fool a gobbler.

Turkey Calls — To Infinity and Beyond!

“To infinity and beyond” is the classic line from the Toy Story movie. But four years before Buzz came along, Eli Maor (a historian...
“The Poacher,” a 1907 painting by Swiss artist Frédéric Rouge, illustrates the secretive attitude of the poacher. (Public Domain.)

The Everyday Hunter: Poaching and Hunting — Not the Same Thing

“I’m going poaching,” said no hunter, ever. Poachers call their activity hunting, but it’s not hunting. Poaching is a crime, and hunting is not...
Steve Sorensen

The Everyday Hunter: Trophy Hunting

Phrases I don’t understand catch my attention. As a writer I like words to have meanings we all understand. Words shouldn’t mean whatever we...
Steve Sorensen

Everyday Hunter: The “Best” Deer Cartridge is about Physics and Biology

The cartridge you hunt with drops deer in their tracks every time, like Thor’s mythological hammer. So it’s the best. Right? You might not like...
White Tailed Deer

Thank a Hunter

A little over 100 years ago the nation’s whitetail deer numbered about 300,000. In 2018, Pennsylvania and New York hunters harvested almost twice that...

“One does not hunt in order to kill.”

Contributing Writer Steve Sorenson Nothing was going to change my mind. I was six years old the day my dad brought home a 10-point buck, and...

Taxidermy — Thinking about the Cost

“You get what you pay for.” That’s a stock answer in every discussion about the cost of taxidermy, but does that mean the more...

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Contributing Writer Steve Sorenson While I haven’t encountered Bigfoot yet, or the mountain lions some people claim to see, or the cousin to the Loch Ness...

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