At the James Prendergast Library: Prendergast Library provides the Community with Fun Kits, Activities, Books, and more in March & April

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Science Kits are available to be borrowed at the library. Each kit has a topic such as Force & Motion, Just Add Water, Electricity, Simple Machines, Mars Base Camp, Optics, Green Energy, Mechanics 2.0, or Ion Compound Building.

On the first Thursday of each month, we will be giving out family-friendly craft kits and releasing video instructions on the Prendergast Library Facebook page. For April, the project is a simple Japanese bookbinding technique; this is great for making a journal, keeping all of your writings together, doing an art project, and so much more. There will be two versions; one is for adults and older children with supervision, the alternative is instructions on using a hole punch and yarn to create a bookbinding.

Prendergast Library logoFor a fun contest, we ask that students, grades K-8 in the Jamestown/Chautauqua Lake area, write poems on community and the importance of working together for a poetry contest. The contest’s goal is to allow students to reflect creatively on the theme of community and how they experience community in their lives. What does community mean to them? What brings them together with others? How might young people help to create a stronger community? Parents/Guardians and Teachers can submit the poems to the Prendergast Library before April 15th. For more information visit:

We are ordering a wide variety of books and DVDs so that we have something for everyone. We have started sending out surveys to ensure we are obtaining materials you would like to read, watch, and listen to. The survey in March was about our fiction collection; in April, we will be releasing a survey to see what non-traditional materials you would like us to circulate at the library. Traditional materials include DVDs, Audiobooks, Fiction Books, Non-Fiction Books, Children’s books, and the like. We hope to serve the community by seeing what materials you would like that fall outside these traditional materials. Look for the new survey the first week in April on our website and Facebook page.