Art As A Great Escape

Dan Nuhfer and his daughter Danielle are D&D from Outland Studios.

Dan Nuhfer and his daughter Danielle are D&D from Outland Studios. The dad and daughter duo bring the wonderful world of art through painting to all that attend their classes.

Outland StudiosDan, a retired self-employed house painter,  is a self taught artist that brings over thirty years of experience to the table (or should I say canvas?). His portfolio is vast and his work is brilliantly lifelike.. I was impressed to find that a portrait of Roberto Clemente done by Dan was licensed through the Clemente family to sell prints.

Stay at home mom Danielle holds a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Her love of art began at the age of twelve and continues on through her work as a freelance graphic designer. Her preferred medium is pen and pencil as well as colored pencils. Danielle’s designs are eye catching and stunningly detailed.  The class I attended at The Crossing in Warren, PA with D&D was relaxing and positive.

Dan NuhferAlthough there is no minimum or maximum attendance required to hold a class, Dan comments  “We like the smaller groups. We get to see and spend time with everyone.” From kids to adult, D&D offers classes for all ages. Ranging from people’s homes to larger venues, classes can be held anywhere you’d like. Private parties and parties open to the public are welcome. All supplies are provided and there is a set price per person to attend. “Every class is exciting and different,” said Danielle.

“We like to make it an event and it gives us an opportunity to work together.” says Dan, “Nobody does it wrong.” But there are rules! Two rules to be exact. Rule #1 is No Negativity! (oryou have to wear a tiara throughout the class) and Rule #2 Have Fun!

Outland Studios
Outland Studios

Dan and Danielle are entertaining and passionate about what they do. Dan and Danielle are quick with their smiles and go the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome and able. “Everyone has a different WHY (when they come to a class)” remarked Danielle.

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