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Shabby Shrub owner Amy Pike
Shabby Shrub owner Amy Pike

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Lisa Yaggie

Hidden gems are located all around Chautauqua County. You need to check out this one before the Holiday season! The Shabby Shrub, owned and operated by the captivating Amy Pike, is located at 4736 Cramer Drive in Ashville. Amy’s antique boutique is a home decorating/furnishings shop and offers up stylish choices in the farmhouse, industrial, and nautical themes. With the rise in popularity of certain HGTV shows that focus on remodeling and decorating, this store offers locals the chance to get in on the current decorating trends.

Open since late spring, her stock continues to grow and new customers discover Amy’s passion for decorating. When asked how she got started in this business, Amy replied it was two-fold. She and her handy husband, Josh, were remodeling their own home and she quickly realized that she had fallen in love with designing and decorating, especially with the current trends. Even though she had experience selling children’s bedroom furniture and décor on ETSY, Amy gives a nod to this passion way back into her childhood. She clearly remembers pouring through the thick JC Penney catalogs and spending hours picking out items that she would use to visualize redecorating her home. She also fondly remembers a shed that she and her dad built and repainted for her to use as her “castle”.

Amy either locally sources many of the items in the shop or creates them herself. She says that she can literally find items anywhere and can repurpose them into delightful home pieces. She named “Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints” one of her decorating heroes! This line of paint can transform your older antique pieces, or maybe that family hutch that you keep moving around from room to room, into a show piece! Amy giggled when she was telling the stories of a couple of the “cutest men” who will bring her items they have found and apprehensively ask her if she can make something out of them. She then pointed to amazing wire cage light pendants hanging in the shop as perfect examples of just that kind of creativity.

Amy, with a Masters in Psychology, is also thrilled with an unexpected bonus to following her passion. She loves that she can pass on the message of Women Empowerment. It goes beyond being a woman-owned-business in that some of her items directly foster that ideal too. For example, a fan favorite is a t-shirt that reads, “Boat Hair ~ Don’t Care”. What a great message to girls that having fun and not worrying about appearance is what’s important. “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” is a book she offers for sale. These are real life stories about cool chicks – not just your traditional waiting-for-my-prince to come kind of tales.

It makes her heart sing to know that women are gifting or decorating with the objects she has chosen or created. Plans for the future include on site instructional classes on different topics such as milk paint techniques and floral arranging. The Shabby Shrub is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. They will open this season through Christmas for your holiday shopping. Amy’s hand-made ornaments are sure to win a spot on anyone’s shopping list.

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