Andy Goodell

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Andy Goodell for Assembly

Assemblyman Andy Goodell has been endorsed for re–election by several of the leading business organizations, as well as two important unions.

Unshackle Upstate New York, a nonpartisan coalition made up of business organizations, said, “We’re proud to endorse Assemblyman Goodell because of his commitment to reining in state spending, easing the tax burden on Upstate families and improving New York’s harsh business climate. We strongly encourage voters who want to see a stronger Upstate economy to support Assemblyman Goodell.” 

The New York State Business Council and the National Federation of Independent Businesses also endorsed Goodell.  NIFB noted that “The best way to grow the small business economy is to send small business supporters to Albany.  Goodell has demonstrated “through words and action that he will be the champion that small businesses need.” International Brotherhood of Electrical Engineers, Local 97, Western Division COPE Chairman Phil Wilcox said, “We strongly urge all residents…to vote for Assemblyman Andy Goodell this November.”

Assemblyman Goodell expressed his great appreciation for the tremendous support he has received for his re–election campaign.  “I will continue to do my best to put Chautauqua County residents first by focusing on a stronger economy, better schools, and lower taxes.”