The Amazing History of Baseball in Jamestown


The Jamestown Gazette announces the start of a new and exciting weekly series of stories about the history of baseball in the Greater Jamestown area. Randy Anderson, president of Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame, throws out the first pitch in this amazing series of stories in this week’s edition of the Gazette.

“Baseball history is built into the fabric of life in Jamestown,” Anderson told the Gazette. “It’s filled with great stories that deserve to be shared and remembered.” But the key, according to Anderson, is that baseball is more than a sport—it’s the amazing people who played it here and made Jamestown their hometown.

“It all started on the baseball diamond at Celoron Park in 1939,” Anderson said. “We’ll bring you an unforgettable story and historic pictures every week from every year since 1939 until opening day at Diethrick Park in June, 2020. Stay tuned, also, to hear about the upcoming and exciting rebranding of our historic Jamestown’s Jammers for this summer.