After Election Day

Jamestown Mayor Elect Eddie Sundquist
Mayor Elect, Eddie Sundquist

After the election the three Jamestown Mayoral candidates reflect on the campaign and what is next for each of them.

When asked what Mayor Elect Sundquist (D) has taken from the recent campaign he answered, “Going door to door is invaluable to understanding our community. I really learned to listen more and ask for feed back from the citizens to better govern our City. I have a better understanding of their needs. There are many concerns that range concerns that some areas of the City are food deserts to the increase in deer running wild and everything else in between.” He went on to thank the dedicated volunteers that took time out of their busy lives to make a difference in their City. “I am humbled and grateful for the friends, family and volunteers, who are new friends, that reached out to their neighbors, visited churches, schools and community groups to get our message out into the community. I am so touched by the incredible outpouring of support throughout the campaign.”

While the City Council races are almost all decided, one is dependent on the absentee votes. Sundquist went on to say, “Either way it comes out, at the end of the day the Council wants to do what’s right for the City.”

The Mayor Elect is now concentrating on closing his law practice so he can serve as the new Mayor with no distractions or conflicts. Congratulations Mayor Sundquist.

Dave Wilfong, Republican Candidate for Jamestown Mayor
Dave Wilfong, Republican Candidate for Jamestown Mayor

David Wilfong (R) has been in the political arena for a long time. “I knew running for Jamestown’s Mayoral position would be a hard campaign,” said Wilfong, “I am still in the County Legislature until the end of the year.” His “master plan” is to get back to his private life and more golfing and fishing. During his door to door visits Candidate Wilfong said, “I was surprised how much I heard that one vote doesn’t matter. Many people are fed up with politics.” He went on to add he is concerned that such a line of thinking can lead to a loss of interest and negativity about improving the City.

He said, “Jamestown has been very good to me and I hope there is a change for a better economic future.”

Andy Liuzzo, Libertarian Candidate for Jamestown Mayor
Andy Liuzzo, Libertarian Candidate for Jamestown Mayor

Independent Candidate Andy Liuzzo has no regrets. “I enjoyed the campaign. I stand on accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility. I am not against anyone; this campaign was not personal. I have a difference in policies ad politics. I love this country – we get to vote!” Liuzzo will continue to work hard for the citizens he represents on the City Council through December.

“I wish success to the new Council and Mayor. I hope to see them move Jamestown into a better position that benefits all the residents.”

Lakewood Mayor Elect Randall Holcomb
Lakewood Mayor Elect Randall Holcomb

Mayor Elect of Lakewood Randall Holcomb’s thoughts on the campaign and the upcoming term:

“I am obviously thrilled with the results in the Village of Lakewood that we had such success with the election of Ellen Barnes and Rich Fischer as Trustees, as well as myself as Mayor. It is so rewarding to cover so much of the village going door to door with our message and have that great voter turnout. After being on the Board of Trustees for 4 years and in local government for 42 years, I am confident that the transition will be smooth. Deputy Mayor McCague and Trustees Barnes and Schutte and I have worked well together for the past 13 months and I anticipate the same in this transition and the future. “

“My next steps as new the Lakewood Mayor are to begin a transition with plans to being sworn in as the next Lakewood Mayor. Plans will also include being caught up to date on issues that the Deputy Mayor has been handling and setting some regular office hours in the Lakewood Mayor’s Office. We have many items on our agenda; many items that need attention and need to be settled. Every department in this great Village of Lakewood will receive the attention and respect they deserve. And as always, it is my contention that it is vital for elected officials to listen and work extensively with residents on key issues facing our community. Our citizens are the foundation of this village and must be heard. Staying strong on the tough decisions is also necessary, however knowing when to compromise for the betterment of the village, is also a necessity.”