Active Waiting


Contributing Writer
Katrina Fuller

It is often said that good things come to those who wait. I have much experience with this. I waited nine swollen, achy months and got an awesome kid out of the deal. Motherhood is often closely tied with waiting, from the nine initial months until you find yourself standing at the door, impatiently waiting for your child to put on her shoes. This, my friends, may sound trivial; however, the application of shoes can be a very lengthy process.
This morning, for example, my morning was jam packed with lunch preparations, the retrieval and adorning of clothing for both of us, and horrendous crying fits over why the cat was climbing on the counters. Finally, the moment had come. All our hard work was out of the way – then only obstacle left before we could depart was putting on shoes. Always at the end of our routine, this process is never simple.
It is seemingly an easy task; unfortunately, my stubborn little one is unimpressed with the idea of putting things on her feet. Socks, shoes, sandals – in her eyes, these are devices of torture, set out to ruin her day. At one point, I found piles of socks and shoes hidden among toys, under the couch, and more…I am sure there are still stockpiles of sneakers I have yet to find. This morning, I wrangled two purple slip-ons from underneath a set of overnight bags, and then the fun began. I begged, I pleaded, I demanded that she put on her shoes. I explained that the general public expects that one wear shoes when going out, but I was met only with scornful eyes and the shouted question: “Why?!” I myself am not a fan of cumbersome shoes, so I didn’t really have a good answer, aside from “Because.” Also, I find that vocal persuasion is not my strong suit early in the morning without coffee. After several tears, a promise of orange juice, and the enticement of going to ‘Nani’s’, the pint sized, anti-shoe activist relented.
In terms of waiting and motherhood, I like to think I participate in what is called ‘active waiting’. There is no quiet waiting room or line in which to stand while awaiting a desired outcome when you are a parent. Instead, we bargain, argue, and persuade our situations and the people in them to hasten the outcome. We set goals, and begin the processes to put things into motion. Without action, waiting is just wasted time.
This can also be said of anyone with goals and dreams. In this high speed, fast paced world, we don’t have time to sit idle – our lives are chocked full of moments and happenings that will pass us by in an instant. From tiny un-shoed feet to opportunities of a lifetime, the moments are ripe for the picking. The question is: how are you going to get there? Make a move, and wait – actively.
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