Absolut Care



Article Contributed by
Julia Eppehimer

In the past eight years, Absolut Care has expanded to 12 different locations across NY State. They employ more than 1400 staff to help as they serve, rehabilitate and encourage senior citizens.
“We provide the best care we can to the residents, while also providing a family environment,” Jonel Papucci, Director of Recruiting said. “We want our residents to feel at home, to feel as if we were their extended family.”
It is a philosophy that pushes staff members to extremes to better understand and care for their clients. Occasionally they will go through days of training that simulate what life is like for some of the seniors they care for. Staff will spend a day wearing vision impairing goggles, in a wheel chair, or with cotton balls stuffed in their ears in order to appreciate what everyday life is like for their residents.
As they hire staff, the directors look for a “resident-first” attitude, whether they are on the nursing staff, in the kitchen or a high school volunteer.
There are many different opportunities to serve with Absolut Care. They offer services in bariatric care, IV therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, wound care and a secure care wing for those with dementia.
Absolut Care offers skilled nursing for short term and long term residents; they have rehab units and nursing homes at all 12 of their current locations. The Orchard Park location also has a facility that offers assisted living.
The program continues to expand, as they plan to add six new facilities in the next few years. Each location has its own administrator, but they are all under the corporate headquarters in East Aurora, NY.
Their other locations include Allegany, Dunkirk, Eden, Endicott, Gasport, Houghton, Orchard Brooke, Orchard Park, Salamanca, Three Rivers, and Westfield.