A New Healing Perspective


Contributing Writer
Darlene Brace

“I love humanity. That’s why I do what I do,” said Joy Reiss, owner of the Wellness Awakening Health Center. The Wellness Awakening Health Center is located at 85 E. Fairmount Avenue in Lakewood, NY. This center focuses on Sound Healing Techniques. Joy learned of these techniques as part of her training, where she received a diploma from the Sound Healing Academy in Cornwall, England. She has been practicing Sound Healing for about a year and a half. Joy is also a Reverend at the Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle.

In the Sound Healing sessions, Joy uses a Tibetan bowl and tuning forks, as well as other bowls, drums, and gongs that transmit sounds, frequencies and vibrations. Joy said, “Using Sound Healing, sounds, frequencies, and vibrations go directly to a person’s body all the way to the cellular level.” Joy went on to explain that there are seven chakras in the body. During an individual session, she assesses the individual’s chakras. If the chakras are functioning at a very high or very low range, this means that they are out of sync. The chakras that are out of sync are the areas that need work.

Sound Healing can assist with healing physical symptoms of diseases and ailments a person may be having. Sound Healing has helped people with migraines, back issues, accident victims, and muscular issues, to name a few. Some of the people she has helped have cancer, that are having chemotherapy. Sound Healing helps decrease the chemotherapy side effects, without negating the chemotherapy’s purpose.

Also, Joy has worked with clients to get to the core of their emotional and mental issues. Sound Healing helps to repair and heal mental symptoms, caused by emotional abuse and trauma. The symptoms of disorders like anxiety, PTSD, and stress decrease as a result of the Sound Healing sessions.

The sessions at the Wellness Awakening Health Center are by appointment only. A group of up to eight people can book a session to do together, and the focus is mostly on relaxion, relieving stress, and improving concentration. These group sessions last about thirty-five to forty minutes, and they cost $35.00 per person. For individual sessions, the sessions last for about an hour or a little longer. The cost for individual sessions is $95.00 for the first assessment session, and then $45.00 thereafter.

Also at the center, Joy has a small shop. At the shop, she sells things such as books, crystals, salt lamps, tarot cards, and other spiritual items. She also has a children’s “magical corner” for children to explore. Joy is interested in working with children that have Down syndrome or that are on the autism spectrum.

In the future Joy hopes to expand the services she provides at the center to include Himalayan salt therapy sessions. The salt therapy sessions would help people with a range of pulmonary diseases and skin problems, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Joy and her Wellness Awakening Health Center will be having a Grand Opening on May 19th at 3:30pm at the center. The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a ribbon cutting event. Mayor Randy Holcomb of Lakewood, and other area officials will be attending. This is open to the public to join.

If you would like more information about the Wellness Awakening Health Center, or if you want to make an appointment, you can call Joy at (561) 701-1455. You can also find her on her Facebook page, or you can e-mail her at Wellnessawakening43@yahoo.com.

So come check out the new healing center in town. It could be just what you need.