A Message from Stacey Hannon

Founder, Owner & Publisher
Stacey Hannon

Founder, Owner & Publisher, Jamestown Gazette

I did it! And what a joy it has been!

The Jamestown Gazette was and is everything I knew it could be. I never had any doubt this paper would be a success. The Gazette is a locally owned FREE weekly community newspaper designed to highlight the interests and concerns of southern Chautauqua County’s residents and merchants. My beloved paper has provided a healthy sense of pride in community for citizens and businesses alike over the course of more than a dozen years. The Gazette’s always positive stories have presented useful and timely information spotlighting the best of the Jamestown area’s people and places, businesses and organizations. Read the Gazette and understand who we are in this place we call home.

I am particularly proud to have educated the citizenry (and myself) as to the degree of cooperation practiced among community stakeholders for the wider benefit of the community.

And, how proud I was when the Gazette expanded distribution to Warren and Cattaraugus County. I never had any doubt the paper would be a success.

It goes without saying that my retirement is bittersweet. The Gazette, coaxed and nurtured like a child, has been like a child loved throughout much of my life. Let us remember, however, as we celebrate the end of the Old and the coming of the New Year, that there is never a true ending but ever a new beginning. The Jamestown Gazette will be searching for a new owner. The time is ripe for a Turn Key. Entrepreneurs, seize the opportunity!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my staff, readers and advertisers for the wonderful support over the years.

I can hardly wait to pass the torch.

I won’t say goodbye. I will see you Around Town absent my camera. The Best of the New Year to this beloved community.