A Gift That Keeps Giving!


Chautauqua Adult Day Services, a United Way Community Partner, has been providing Adult Day Care services for 37 years with two programs located in Jamestown. It opened the first Adult Day Care program in Chautauqua County and has expanded to a total of four sites.

In October 1998, the First Baptist Church of Jamestown opened its doors to house the Present Center, the first day program for older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Loss. This was the first program of its kind in Chautauqua County and the commitment by the First Baptist Church to partner with Chautauqua Adult Day Services has enabled the agency to touch the lives of many older adults and caregivers in the community.

For many years, the agency has been looking for affordable space to house its two Adult Day Care sites, Latino Outreach Program and administrative and professional offices, to reduce expenses and to accommodate its growing population. In 2019, this dream became a reality.
The First Baptist Church of Jamestown located at 358 East 5th Street stepped up again to make an impact in the community and decided to donate its building to the agency. This was an opportunity for the agency to enhance its program and the First Baptist Church to continue to help older adults remain at home and independent.

The building was in need of some renovations and the agency was able to obtain support and funding from a collaboration of funders to begin to upgrade the facility. Funders included the Sheldon Foundation, Cummins Foundation, Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, Lenna Foundation, Carnahan Jackson Foundation, Lake Shore Savings Bank Community Reinvestment Fund, Hultquist Foundation and the City of Jamestown Community Development Block Grant Fund.

Renovations have begun and the Taft Center program was able to move into the building in December. Both Adult Day Programs are housed in the building along with the agency professional and administrative offices to include the Latino Outreach Program. With additional space, the agency will expand its program and activities to better meet the needs of the older adults who attend. Also, with the consolidation, families in the community will be able to continue to have an affordable program to help keep a loved one at home and get a break from caregiving. Final renovations are expected to be completed in the spring of 2020 and an open house will take place to invite the community to come and see the new location of the two Jamestown Adult Day Programs.

Chautauqua Adult Day Services provides day programs for older adults that enables caregivers to keep a loved one at home, get a break from caregiving and continue to be employed. Adult Day Care is a cost effective service that helps the elderly remain independent. Programs enable seniors to have quality of life through socializing and activity programming and provide breakfast, snack and a hot noon time meal for participants as well as case management and transportation services. There is also a Community Recreation Program that helps persons participate in outings in the community. Other daily activities include offer pet therapy, ceramics, music programs, arts and crafts and much more on an ongoing basis. In addition to its day programs, the agency has a Latino Outreach to Seniors Program that provides interpretation services for older Latino adults, families and not for profit agencies that serve the elderly. Funding is available and for more information, call 716-665-4899 or visit www.seniordayprograms.com.

All in all, the acquisition of the donated building has given the agency an opportunity to have its “Dream Center” and the First Baptist Church of Jamestown is able to have its legacy in the community and give a gift that will keep on giving!