4-H contests keep the County Fair looking its best

JAMESTOWN – Every year throughout the 4-H barns there is an exhibit contest to help make the barns look fantastic!  The 4-H Program has designed this competition to promote an attractive and educational display in the barn animal areas.  The competition is divided into two divisions, Club and Individual.  Clubs have three or more members participating and Individual is for lone members with less then three members.  The judges look at the overall appearance 4-Her’s show for their area.  This includes banners, animal identification, educational information, and an eye-catching appearance. Each barn participates; these include the Sheep, Swine, Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Rabbit, Goat, and Horse barns.  For the first place winner in both Club and Individual the members receive $15.  Second place receives $10 and third place receives $5.  This goes toward the club or is split between the members.
Swine Barn-
Club Division:
            1st   Harmony Haystackers
2nd  Little Brokenstraws
            3rd  Levant Livewires
Individual Division:
            1st   O’Brien Family
            2nd  Madisoon Styers      
            3rd  Maria Childs
Dairy Barn-
Club Division:
            1st  Clymer Eager Beavers
            2nd  Cherry Creek Cornhuskers
            3rd  Canadaway
Individual Division:
            1st  Dye Family
            2nd   Heidi Moss
            3rd  Necker Family
Beef Barn-
Club Division:
            1st Wild Oats    
            2nd Crowes Corners
            3rd Little Broken Straws
Individual Division
            1st  Michael Johnson
            2nd  Kevin Rogers
            3rd  Ellis Family
Rabbit Barn-
Club Division:
            1st Forestville Teddybears
            2nd Levant Live Wires
            3rd Sherman Kountry Kids
Individual Division:
            1st Lynanne Wooley
Poultry Barn-
Club Division:
            1st  Frewsburg Hayseeds
            2nd Stockton Panthers
            3rd Cherry Creek Cornhuskers
Goat Barn-
Club Division:
            1st Canadaway
            2nd   Paws and Pals
Individual Division:
            1st  Nicole Ewer
            2nd  O’Brien Family
            3rd Emily Masiker
Sheep Barn-
Club Division:
            1st Harmony Haystackers
            2nd  Sherman Kountry Kids
               3rd     Stockton Panthers
Individual Division:
            1st  Cantanese Family
            2nd  Marks Jewell
            3rd   Jordan Maska
Horse Barn-
Club Division:
            1st Fluvanna Farmyard Friends
            2nd Country Dreamers
            3rd  Chautauqua County Junior Trail Riders