2012 Senior Olympics Held at Frewsburg Rest Home

Frewsburg Rest Home residents Martha Anderson, Ruth Crabtree and Gary Hays enjoy a sunny afternoon in the pavilion as they take part in this year’s Senior Olympics Opening Ceremony.

FREWSBURG – On the heels of the Summer Olympics in London, come our own local Olympics — The Senior Olympics which kicked off Friday, Sept. 7 at the Frewsburg Rest Home with an opening ceremony and games. Senior athletes from Emeritus at Lakewood, Frewsburg Rest Home, Hultquist Place, Lutheran Social Services and Warner Place Adult Day Program comprise this year’s competition. Frewsburg Rest Home Administrator, Dennis Bechmann said “The games are different and the athletes may not be in the same shape as those who competed in London, but the competitive spirit is there and the sense of pride in doing your very best is the same.”

Present for the opening ceremony was Senior Services Coordinator for Office for the Aging, Christine Cheronis. In her address to this year’s Olympians, she cited qualities such as courage, bravery and a willingness to press on and go the extra mile as characteristics of Olympic athletes and encouraged our senior competitors to take pride in their accomplishments as the games progress. Mr. Bechmann reminded the teams of the message printed on the USA’s Men’s Basketball Team’s Nike T-shirt – Behold Unstoppable Greatness.

He said “We wish the very best to all the teams as they compete for their respective Homes, and as we gaze upon our senior athletes, we will proudly say, “Behold unstoppable greatness.”

The afternoon games, Ring Toss and Shuffleboard, proved exciting with Lutheran Social Services taking first place in Shuffleboard and Frewsburg Rest Home in first place for Ring Toss. “Next Friday the games continue at the Lutheran Social Services campus where our residents will compete in Basketball, Bowling and Golf.” said Jackie Shannon, Activities Director for the Frewsburg Rest Home. “It’s fun to travel to the various homes participating in the Olympics. Some of our residents have competed in past Olympics and they look forward to seeing the friends they’ve made over the years.” She said each of the facilities take part in hosting the various games. There are a total of nine (9) events including a Spelling Bee, Wii Bowling, Relay Race and Wheelchair Race which will take place throughout the month of September. Overall, the games will include approximately 60 seniors from the (five) 5 participating homes/centers. Shannon said the level of participation is amazing and is a testimony to seniors throughout our community for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.