2012 Local Music Showcase

Jamestown’s Smackdab is one of 40 acts that will be performing during this year’s Local Music Showcase. (Photo courtesy Smackdab Facebook page)

JAMESTOWN – Forty musical acts, nine great venues and one star-filled night promise to bring more musical talent to the streets of Jamestown than ever before…all on Saturday night, September 8, 2012.

“The 9th Annual Local Music Showcase is going to be the best gathering of local music talent you’ll ever see,” Stephanie Rogers promised a visitor to Infinity Visual & Performing Arts in downtown Jamestown. “A lot of our bands and performers were at the Blue Heron festival just a few weeks ago.” Rogers, the Infinity Site Coordinator, guarantees an unforgettable experience at every venue.

The musical variety ranges from acoustic folk and country music to lively steel drums, from blues and bluegrass to rock ‘n roll and from funk/soul to surf/spy.

“Each venue will host a mix of styles,” Rogers said. “Some are just right for intimate solos and other spaces are better for big bands and dancing. Most folks visit a lot of spots or even try to sample them all.” Some shows start as early as 6:00 p.m., like the GAHU Drum Ensemble at the Infinity Arts Café and Nick Kilpatrick & Sara Rafaloski at The Wine Cellar.

Each venue throughout the downtown 2012 Local Music Showcase will also offer a menu of their own best food and beverage specialties to accompany the musical shows. The entry fees, however, are entirely dedicated to the support of Infinity Visual & Performing Arts. A single $10 ticket entitles every guest to a purple bracelet that guarantees entry into every venue, all night long. The bracelets can be purchased at any venue on Saturday night, September 8th, or an advanced ticket can be purchased at Infinity, 115 East 3rd Street in Jamestown, between 4:00 and 5:30 every day and exchanged for a bracelet at any venue on Saturday night.

Each venue’s performance space is being donated to Infinity to support its year-long teaching programs in music, drama and art. “This year, Infinity had an enrollment of 1,591 students,” Rogers explained. “That’s up about 50 percent from the 999 of last year, which was up about 50 percent from the year before.” Infinity’s music programs have produced six of the 40 acts performing at this year’s Showcase. Four will be at the Infinity Arts Café, one will be at the Labyrinth Press Company and one at the Reg Studio Theater.

The music will also go on long into the night with acts like Gary Peters, Jr. stepping on stage at 12:30 a.m. at Forté. Smackdab tunes up at Mojo’s and Hot Stenographer kicks off at The Reg Studio Theater at midnight. And for night owl music fans, Claud Schuckers opens at The Wine Cellar.

“This will be a great night for music lovers of every kind to meet up and share a night of traveling from performance to performance,” Rogers said, “sampling and sharing new styles and tunes as well as old favorites.” Based on previous years’ numbers and the rapid growth of Infinity’s programs and popularity, attendance is projected to reach anywhere from 700 to 800, or even 1,000 music lovers, strolling the moonlit sidewalks of Jamestown, New York. The Saturday night event also features free parking anywhere for all performances.

The Bogarts will perform at 10:30 p.m. on Sept. 8 at Mojo’s as part of the 2012 Local Music Showcase.

The full schedule of all 40 acts and their performance times at all nine venues can be found by clicking on the Infinity website at www.infinityperformingarts.org.

“This is all about the community coming together,” Rogers said. “Not only are the venues contributing their time and space for this event, but more than 80 volunteers have joined in to make it all possible.”

Rogers attributes Infinity’s recent growth to a ramped up marketing campaign and increased cooperative ventures with local schools. “We’ve grown far beyond our original focus on private music lessons. We have recently added very active drama and art programs. Our students range in age from birth to senior citizens.”

One of the most innovative new music programs includes newborns, along with mother or father, in a program called “Music Together” which introduces a child to the bonding and mutual comfort of parent and child sharing music and movement at the earliest ages. Infinity has also grown its staff to 54 instructors. Each new instructor is only hired if recommended by another successful instructor already on staff and after the most rigorous background and reference checking.

For more information about Infinity Visual & Performing Arts Jamestown Gazette readers are invited to log on to www.infinityperformingarts.org.