2 Gingers Inn


Contributing Writer
Darlene Brace

Lisa Painter is a local woman who has worked in the restaurant/bar industry for over 25 years. She recently opened an Irish pub called the “2 Gingers Inn” at 1118 E. 2nd St. in Jamestown. It’s an authentic Irish pub, and it is the only one like this in the Jamestown area. Lisa always enjoyed going to Irish pubs when she traveled to different cities in the United States. Yet the idea of opening one here sprang from a song that says, “Every town should have an Irish pub.” This inspired her to open one here in Jamestown.

The building where the 2 Gingers Inn is located has a lot of history. Many years ago, it was a family run grocery store owned by Ang Cuoco. In the 1970’s, his son Ross Cuoco took over the building. He owned and operated the College Inn there for many years. Lisa and Ross were friends, and she use to frequent the Collage Inn. Recently the building was up for sale, and with her personal connection to this building, Lisa thought it was the perfect fit for the bar she had dreamed of opening.

Lisa bought the building in October of 2021. Since then, she and her husband, David Painter, have remodeled the historic building. The building was gutted, designed, remodeled, and handcrafted by Lisa and David. Lisa thought it was important to keep some of the nostalgia from the past owners, and she has decorated the new pub with some old pictures and other memorabilia.

The 2 Gingers Inn is truly an authentic Irish pub. They only play Irish music and only have Irish cuisine. The food is all made in house from scratch, using their own recipes. Some of the items on the menu are such things as Shepard’s Pie, Cottage Pie, Reuban Sandwiches, Leprechaun Balls, and more. There is wide selection of Irish whiskeys, and she has Irish beers such as Harp, Smithwick’s, Magners, and Guinness. Lisa said, “We know how to pour a proper Guinness.”

Lisa wants customers to know that the 2 Gingers Inn is an over 21 adult only establishment. Some of the recipes have alcohol in them, and they cannot be served to minors. Lisa also said, “The 2 Gingers Inn is a unique pub with positive vibes. I want adult customers to find it a safe haven to come in, to relax, and unwind.”

The 2 Gingers Inn supports the local Irish culture and the community in other ways too. They are a sponsor of the Celtic Festival which will be held at Mayville Lakeside Park on August 26, 2023. They are also a sponsor the bagpipe group called the 96 Highlanders. At times, 96 Highlanders practice at the 2 Gingers Inn, and will likely play there in the future. Lisa also wants customers to know, that since she is a veteran of the US Air Force herself, that her establishment is very much in support of veterans and first responders.

The 2 Gingers Inn is open Monday-Saturday 11am-2 am and Sundays 12 pm-2am. The kitchen closes at 1am every night. You can find updated information on hours, entertainment, and any other special events on the 2 Gingers Inn Facebook page. Whether you are Irish or not, come on in, to experience the only authentic Irish pub in Jamestown. You will be glad you did!