16th Annual Saints and Sinners Tour


Contributing Writer
Janet Wahlberg

The Fenton History Center is proud to present its 16th Annual Saints and Sinners Tour to be held at Lake View Cemetery on Saturday October 1st and October 8th and the Mausoleum Tours will be on Sunday October 9th. The complete schedules are on the Fenton Website.

The Carriage Tours include Mary Stone, found dead by the railroad tracks, JR Johnson, a talented athlete, Forest Cheney, famed violinist, Hysen Belortja, Albanian refugee, Louis Richchetti who died in the Spanish Flu epidemic Margaret Gowan, the family’s Little Angel and the Old Catholic Cemetery.

The Walking Tours include another set of great characters including Jahn A Eckman, early organist at First Lutheran Church, Elizabeth Foote, early settler, Napoleon Neustrom, athlete and child of immigrants, Harry Lind, famous juggler, Reverend Julies Lincoln early pastor of First Lutheran Church Lutheran Church, and Mrs. C.L Eckman a noted local teacher.

The Mausoleums at Lakeview are amazing and this year we will be featuring The Sheldon and the Humphrey Mausoleums. As always there will be interesting narrations by the tour guides and terrific portrayals by our actors.

Spots are filling up fast so do not delay making your reservations. Simply call the Fenton History Center at 716-664-6256 or go to our website fentonhistorycenter.org to make your reservation online. We are looking forward to seeing many new faces along with or regular patrons.

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