Wise Mind Project for Youth Launches in Jamestown


Article Contributed by
Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene

Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene, Chautauqua Alcohol & Substance Abuse Council (CASAC), Chautauqua Tapestry, the Community Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Family Peer Support Services of Chautauqua County, and The Phoenix Rising Wellness Studio have collaborated to develop The Wise Mind Project. The Wise Mind Project is a summer pilot program for youth that is grounded in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is a skills based therapy originally developed in the 1980s by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. for adults struggling with personality disorders. DBT has since been adapted for a multitude of psychological conditions and, more specifically, modified to effectively treat children.

The Wise Mind Project is a 6-week program that combines group and individual sessions for young people (ages ranging from about 11–16 years old) who experience difficulties regulating their emotions, exhibit maladaptive coping skills, lack healthy interpersonal relationships, or engage in explosive, aggressive or other unhealthy behaviors. Participants will partake in classes and activities that are rooted in mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, drug and alcohol prevention, and more.

By creating a validating and accepting environment, youth will sort through difficult feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors while simultaneously working toward living more peacefully and positively.

Traditional DBT curriculum coupled with classes like Therapeutic Breath, Meditation, Soothing the Senses, Perspective Taking, Empathy Building, Life Skills Training, and The Power of Affirmations are intended to build skills that will reduce impulsivity and emotional dysregulation, while improving self-image, conflict resolution, and pro-social behavior.

Group sessions will be occurring on Wednesday evenings from 5:30–6:30 p.m., starting on July 11th at The Phoenix Rising Wellness Studio, 509 N. Main Street, Jamestown, N.Y. Individualized sessions can be scheduled with Behavior Consultant by phone or in person at group. If you have any questions or if you would like to register your child or teenager, feel free to contact Kayleigh at (716) 581-2017 or millimak@co.chautauqua.ny.us.