Warren County Fair

Country Scenes – Blue Ribbon Dreams

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Walt Pickut

Carnival ride music and happy crowds, roaring tractor pulls and midway games… all of these and more will welcome visitors to this year’s Warren County Fair on their 87th annual opening day. Located now at its home of 50 years on Barton Run in Pittsfield, PA, the Fair will open its gates to an expected crowd of 60,000 visitors, starting on Tuesday, August 8 and running through Saturday, August 12. This year’s theme is “Country Scenes – Blue Ribbon Dreams”.

“If you’ve never been here before,” said Dale Bliss, Vice President of the Warren County Fair Executive Committee, “you’re in for a real treat. You’ll find this is the cleanest, tastiest, best organize, most fun county fair you’ve ever seen.”

The present fair traces its origins back to 1930, but the Warren County tradition of Agricultural Shows reaches all the way back to a 1-day fair in 1850 at Sugar Grove. “At the heart of the Warren County Fair,” Bliss said proudly, “is the fact that we’ve always been about promoting the region’s outstanding agriculture. But today, there’s so much more to do here, too.”

“And throughout the years,” according to fair organizers who always start next year’s planning the very day the current fair ends, “the Warren County Fair has undergone constant changes and improvements. And it all gets done by a fantastic crew of volunteers, and a couple of professional grounds keepers, who work hard at it all year long.”

“If you were here last year, great!” Bliss said, “But you haven’t seen it all yet. Come on back!”

Midway Rides and More
“It wouldn’t be a Fair without Midway Rides,” say the county fair’s organizers. Bates Brothers Amusements promises the best and delivers a new and exciting lineup every year, whether high up in the air, whirling around, sliding or riding, Warren County Fair promises one of the best Midway ensembles anywhere.

And it wouldn’t be a midway without food. No one ever goes home hungry from the Warren County Fair. From fried dough to their famous Elephant Ears and funnel cakes, and from ice cream to dogs and burgers, the midway is an all-day feast with lots of soft drinks, snacks and candy just to wash it all down.

Signature Events
Farm animals are always on display in the Fairgrounds’ animal barns, including prize winners and hand raised 4-H livestock, from dairy cows and breeding bulls to bunnies and goats and sheep and fowl. But as beautiful and inspiring as they are in their stalls and pens, there’s nothing like seeing them in action.

Draft horse pulls, equine sports and the County Fair Milk Parlor show off the best of Warren County’s animals in action. Livestock auctions top off the show by awarding the best of breeders and animal raising skills with the very best market prices of the day. In local agriculture, no good work goes unrewarded.

“One of our proudest accomplishments this year,” Bliss added, is our newly roofed equine complex. It was a $50,000 investment in the quality of the shows and animals we have for people to enjoy here.”

Start Your Engines
The Warren County Fair has become famous for its signature motorsport event, Stock Car Football, staged on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. It is a Warren County Fair exclusive. According to event organizers, “If you love the sound of revving engines and appreciate the contest of man and machine… or just plain love to laugh at blunders, the Motorsports Arena is the place to be.”

But for fans who still don’t get enough roar of the engines, there’s also of the Demolition Derby. The week is capped off on Friday night with professional pulls by local tractor drivers, mud slingers and champions from across the region.

A traditional and rousing fireworks display finishes off the week in the Northwest Motorsports Arena after the exhaust fumes and dust clouds finally clear the air.

Live Music!
Live in the KeyBank Pavilion at the Warren County Fair, three of the country’s top country stars will perform for Warren’s fairgoers.

Neal McCoy, with fifteen studio albums, 34 singles on country radio and a country gold, will be on stage, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Pam Tillis, a CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, performs live at the Fair on Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m. “Rhinestoned says it all”.

Johnny Cash returns to the stage in Terry Lee Goffee’s tribute, “Train of Love: A Tribute to Johnny Cash” including 34 of his most crowd pleasing hit songs on Saturday evening at 5:30 p.m.

“The fairgrounds are always popular,” Dale Bliss said. “And we have a complete, experienced and professional security team on site at all times.” The Warren County fairgrounds provides up to 500 camping sites during week. “In recent years we have also instituted expansion projects,” according to fair organizers, “because so many people have expressed their enthusiasm for spending a week of fairground fun and meeting other campers who share their excitement for this kind of travel.”

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