Veterans Memorial Commission Looking to Phase II of Relocation Project

Veterans Memorial Commission Chairman, Ron Cotten, left, explains the importance of maintaining monuments that honor veterans’ service, to Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Executive Director, Randy Sweeney, right. With the current location of Veterans Park on Second and Third Street, Commission members have noticed vandalism and other signs of damage to the area.

JAMESTOWN – The Veterans Memorial Commission received $2,500 during the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation’s second cycle of community service grants. The grant was made possible by money from the Isabelle C. Erickson Community Service Fund. Money will benefit the ongoing efforts to relocate Veterans Park from Second and Third Streets on the City’s east side, to Logan Park, located on West Third Street near Logan and Harding Avenues.

In April, the Commission completed Phase I by purchasing and installing an American-made flagpole, in the center of the Park’s site. Money for the flagpole was made possible by the Veterans Memorial Commission Relocation Non-Endowed Fund, which benefits expenses related to relocating Veterans Park and is administered by the Community Foundation. Phase II will focus on installing a base for the Civil War cannon, as well as a walkway that will guide visitors around the memorial.

Upcoming phases include planting flowers and trees around the site as well as the possibility of installing a gazebo for community use. There are also plans to install monuments to represent every branch of the Armed Forces of the United States and the conflicts in which they served throughout our nation’s history.

According to Veterans Memorial Commission Chairman Ron Cotten, “There is a lot of emotion tied into moving the park but it is important for veterans to have a central place to meet and have ceremonies.” On July 28, veterans will gather one last time at Second and Third Streets for a flag retirement ceremony. Sergeants from the 98th Division United States Army Honor Guard will lead a procession, with the flag in tow, to the new park where the flag will be predominately displayed at the memorial.

For more information on the Veterans Park Relocation Project, or to make a tax-deductible donation to their Relocation Fund, contact the Community Foundation at 661.3390 or visit online at