It’s Time! It’s Time! It’s Time!

(L to R): Justin Thorp and Brent Morris
(L to R): Justin Thorp and Brent Morris

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Justin Thorp

Thanksgiving Night at 6:00 p.m., Welcome To The Revival, LLC will be launching online and in the Chautauqua Mall.

“Come witness the Revival first hand from Thanksgiving Night until December 31st with our side-by-side kiosks right in the middle of the mall beside Old Saint Nick,” said Justin Thorp and Brent Morris, co-founders of the business. “You can also check out Welcome To The Revival on Facebook and, of-course, on our website to be launched opening night,

“This is a new Christian Apparel business that is Bold, Scriptural and Uncompromised,” say Justin and Brent, who say character and integrity must come first in their business, as their lives have been changed by The Word of God. It is a plan 7-years in that making for Justin and now ready to launch with the addition of his good friend Brent in the last year.

“We used to party together,” Justin said. “And now God has given us something much better to do.” At Welcome To The Revival the pair will be selling high quality short and long sleeve shirts, hoodies, bracelets and tote bags to start. “This world keeps getting darker and darker and now is the time for the born again believers to Gear up, Stand up and take the message of Jesus into this world,” Justin said.

The mission of Welcome To The Revival, beyond their for-profit business status, is to lead the way in paying off mortgages for local churches. We want to be givers, not lenders,” Justin explained.’s Vision is also to win souls and fund the ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as being a blessing to families everywhere.

Welcome To The Revival is a God First organization and endeavors to put God First in everything that it does and in all the products it sells.
It’s Time! It’s Time! It’s Time! Let’s Gear Up and take this message to the world!


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