The Chadakoin Club

Buck Kramer and Deb Yoakum are ready to serve good food, good music and good spirits in equal measure at The Chadakoin Club.
Buck Kramer and Deb Yoakum are ready to serve good food, good music and good spirits in equal measure at The Chadakoin Club.

Contributing Writer
Theodora See

“We’re not really a bar,” said Buck Kramer, co-owner with Jamestown native Deb Yoakum, of downtown Jamestown’s newest community hub for spirits, food, and entertainment, The Chadakoin Club. “We’re a music venue that happens to have bars.”  Kramer and Yoakum host its soft opening on Monday, July 30th through the 31st. They promise to be a family-friendly pub and entertainment venue.

Kramer has been a musician who began playing the drums at a young age. His partner, Yoakum, aided him in terms of media as a former ad executive.. “Whenever we would play at a bar, the bands always seemed like an afterthought,” Kramer says, “We wanted to create something made to showcase the bands.” Kramer was born in Warren, PA, and speaks about how he loved Jamestown while growing up. Being able to own a venue in Jamestown which places the needs of musicians first is a merging of two dreams.

Under the new ownership of Buck Kramer and Deb Yoakum the site has undergone major remodeling which created a more brilliant atmosphere. The former factory building now features ample seating, bright decor, and a renovated entertainment venue called The On Deck Stage.

The On Deck Stage can be found at 201 Cherry Street in Jamestown, but is still accessible from the club side. This stage will host local, regional, and national live musical entertainment. It will also offer a place for local talent to rehearse as well as being a venue to host competitions within the community.

The owners are excited to help promote any acts they host. “Music is our passion,” Kramer said. The stages are supplied with everything a band needs to practice. “This place is designed for music and made by a musician.”  Musical styles vary from country, to rock, to blues, and more.

The decor and the name of the club was inspired by the Chadakoin River which played a historic role in Jamestown’s growth . All the remodeling was done by local businesses, and their materials were sourced locally. The venue also features work from local artists. Kramer, who is also a successful graphic artist, has plans to create his own mural inspired by early Jamestown.

“This place is for the community,” Yoakum said. “We really want to be a part of the revitalization of Jamestown.”

The Chadakoin Club is located at 104 West 2nd Street, Jamestown, New York. Its main entrance is a short walk from various other popular venues in Jamestown including the new National Comedy Club, the Northwest Arena and Shawbucks.

Besides featuring live music everyday, The Chadakoin Club offers pool tables, darts, and two fully stocked bars for guests enjoyment. The kitchen will serve a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes including a special custom coffee blend called River Roast. River Roast is a dark, coffee inspired by the smoothness of the Chadakoin river. Community first responders are welcomed to stop by for a free cup.

The Chadakoin Club is open to the public. They also offer a VIP membership for repeated patrons who are interested in checking out the different events taking place each day. This membership includes food discounts, pre-sale tickets, early entry to ticketed events with meet and greets with the performers, VIP only giveaways and events, and even more.