The Bemus Point Inn

Laurie Miller and the staff at the Bemus Point Inn.
Laurie Miller and the staff at the Bemus Point Inn.

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Katrina Fuller

Despite the winter winds and blowing snow, a warm welcome awaits just inside the threshold. Delicious aromas greet each patron as they walk through the door, alongside cheerful greetings and always helpful staff. The chalkboard on the back wall announces each daily dish, from breakfast to dessert, with pride. Bedecked for any occasion, the main room opens into a larger dining room, complete with a trolley of toys for the kids. “You really feel at home,” Laurie Miller says of her establishment. Home is where the heart is, and surely there is a lot of heart at the Bemus Point Inn.

Laurie and her husband Dave have owned the Bemus Point Inn for four and a half years. “My husband and I have always been in the restaurant business,” Laurie explains. Dave was the head chef at the Town Club, while Laurie was a waitress for years. With a background in the industry, the couple decided to give it a try on their own. “We are so lucky to be here – we were in the right place at the right time.” Moving into the New Year, the Bemus Point Inn is as busy as ever, but not without some hard work. Ever changing specials are available every day, made with all fresh ingredients. “He really puts a lot of time into everything he does.” Laurie says of Dave, the creative chef behind such delicious food.

The restaurant is famous for the Jumbo Cinnamon Roll, almost the size of the plate it comes on. “That’s kind of our calling card,” Laurie says. The staff members wear tee shirts proclaiming “Wake up to the Sweetest Buns in Town,” a tongue in cheek acknowledgement of that most popular dish. Breakfast is a popular fare, boasting such delights as Eggs Benedict, homemade hash brown casserole, homemade breads and omelets.

“That is what we are known for, but I think our lunch is really good, too,” Laurie says of their midday offerings. Sandwiches, French fries, soups and more await those looking for afternoon nourishment. After the main event, hand crafted desserts beckon, many changing with the daily specials board. Pies, cakes and more will satisfy any sweet tooth at the Bemus Point Inn. For those who desire a smaller dessert, fresh cookies are often available by the front register at checkout time.

The Bemus Point Inn is located at 4958 Main Street in Bemus Point, NY. They are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 2 pm, all year round. Laurie would like to remind all the snowmobilers that they are positioned right on the snowmobile trail. “People can drive their snowmobiles right up to our yard and come in to eat.” Whether snow is falling or the sun is shining, large portions and great service are always available at this welcoming eatery. For more information, give them a call at 716-386-2221, or stop in for a visit. Take a trip to the Bemus Point Inn, and ‘wake up’ to a new favorite diner.